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  1. Thanks for your warm welcome. I look forward to future conversations about all things silver and shiny.
  2. jacksilver


    Thanks fellow stackers, a real incite to others views. I appreciate it.
  3. jacksilver


    I've been happily buying silver from Goldsilver.be.and other european dealers. Now I dare not put in a new order because of brexit in 27 days!!! does anyone know what the future of vat reduced silver from europe might be. I've heard nothing from anyone regarding this situation. I know that this is not the biggest problem that we may have to face but for a silver stacker in the UK but it will be a devastating blow for all UK stackers if we are faced with 20% vat on silver. I think this will kill the silver stacking community in the uk. I would love to hear from other UK stackers on your opinions.
  4. Hi fellow silver stackers ,it's great to finally find a forum where I can share my passion for silver. I've been stacking for a while now but never shared my hobby with anyone . it seems that there are great number of people out there that have the same hobby, I hope it will be a positive experience sharing my hobby with other stackers. I look forward to hearing from fellow members on what this forum is about and looking forward to some great discussions in the future.