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  1. As per topic. All in capsules and sealed OMP. £400 plus post of buyers choice and risk. UK mainland. Payment by BT only. Thanks for looking!
  2. Can you play Romeo and Juliet on that for me Sweetcheeks??
  3. I’ve just sent Darren 20oz of silver SD. Cost just over £8
  4. A lovely 2013 10oz Koala. £185 plus postage of your choice.
  5. Welcome on board, Jude
  6. Welcome from just outside drizzly Bath. Good to have you on board.
  7. Hot on the heels of my previous post, this just popped into my inbox from Numi. Can my day get any better?? 🤗🤗
  8. A couple of bullion coins at spot. Bullion is a refreshing change for me. Something I can fondle! 1oz 2014 Eagle from @goluckystayhappy and a lovely 1910 sovereign from @Domo which looks a beaut to my untrained eye. Thanks both! Thanks too are due to @Oldun for his words of wisdom
  9. Small but perfectly formed 😋😋
  10. Welcome from the West Country. Oh arrrr
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