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  1. This little beaut via Kneehow. 👍👍
  2. I’ll take the three remaining please. PM’d
  3. Artictim


    Thanks again guys 👍👍
  4. Artictim


    Thanks for your replies guys 👍
  5. Artictim


    Wow! That’s very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  6. Artictim


    I have yet to have any of my gold coins graded, but am considering it for some of my lower mintage proofs. Could I ask you good people’s opinion on when you would consider getting coins graded. I have heard people express disappointment at anything less than a ‘70’. Whilst I appreciate that a 70 will attract a premium, at what point does a result make the coin no more valuable than a raw coin? 69? 68? Advice very gratefully received!
  7. All the best in the new job Richard
  8. Thanks, Richard. I’m thrilled with them