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  1. Me too, just to say hello and put a face to some of the names would be nice
  2. soverignstacker


    Just a quick question for those that have submitted coins for grading with NGC how long did it take?
  3. I would love to attend would it be a time we could pick up /drop of submissions to Numi for grading ?
  4. If only I could win the lottery !! Thank you for sharing
  5. Hi Does any one know if you an get both the 2017 platinum and sapphire sovereigns graded by NGC ?
  6. What we can not get 100 of us from the forum ? I would be interested .😎
  7. The coin in question and I agree it was a fantastic price and my intention was not to cause offence to the seller, merely to enquire, whether or not anyone else had experienced this with their coins
  8. Yes but I still wish to keep It as I just can not afford to Replace it
  9. Hi all just a quick question has any one else received a 2019 Albert sovereign with black spots on it and why on earth do the mint not check properly after all its a strike on the day so I would expect a little more quality control . I am going to send it to NGC to see if they can do anything, as I am not in a position to afford another quite at this moment. Soveignstacker 😔😣