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  1. Not broken just twisted thank god coin is number 409 Regards Shaun 😎
  2. Sorry buddy just busted my ankle, so cant get to it at the moment but think its 400 odd Regards Shaun
  3. Hi Here are some Photographs of the coin as promised Regard's Shaun
  4. No, but will try to get some done in the morning Regards Shaun
  5. Hi Is the 2002 and 2005 still available if so are you interested in a exchange for a 200 year celebration Victoria sovereign ? Regard's Soverignstacker
  6. Sorry about the picture I suffer from a muscle wasting illness so shake when taking pictures , I will try to get someone else to take a picture if people think it well help with the sale. Soverignstacker
  7. 2002 Full Shield Back Bullion SovereignPristine condition, as has been kept in coin capsule£260.oo Payment BT or PPFF