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  1. Can you tell me how much silver is in those containers so I can gauge the size?
  2. For individual coin including postage and capsule my price works out better value for money
  3. Just a word of caution - if we leave the EU on October 31 without a deal then I assume every coin that has yet to be shipped will be subjected to 20% VAT plus the fixed fees charged by UPS / FedEx or whoever for using what is known as a VAT deferment which can be quite expensive for low value shipments. The Royal Mail charges £8 but these other couriers can charge significantly more. Just be warned ! I've got a load of coins in my basket on GS.be that I haven't yet paid for but will / will not proceed depending on the outcome of the Brexit debacle. @Pete Thanks for the update. I have received coins .
  4. Well I did say I would update as soon as I get news and there was no news. So I have kept my word. For every order I will give a capsule for free to my show my sincere apologie
  5. I just received information that the QB have arrived will be collecting them tomorrow and ready to ship out by the 23rd.
  6. HI guys sorry for late reply. Been swamped with work! I'm still waiting on the white lions. Will be heading into the store to ask about when they expect delivery tomorrow. Very sorry to make you guys concerned! Do not worry the you will all receive what you asked for. My apologies again. I will be here as regularly as possible to answer questions when I can.
  7. I'm preordering some White lions, seeing if anyone would like to join the order. £37.50/coin + P&P caps available 75p/ea PM me if interested.
  8. 2019 1oz Mexican Libertad .999 Silver Coin BU Brilliant Uncirculated 2019 Mexican Libertad 1oz .999 Silver £19/coin P&P of buyers choice and risk Payment via bank transfer
  9. Cost HKD$27,435 around £2,900 in sterling.
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