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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48962557 looks like its going to be plastic
  2. Firstly this is one of the most gorgeous bars I have ever seen, the photos really don't do it justice at all, but I tried my best. Each bar has been crafted to be unique and each one varies from the other. Slightly different shapes, features, and personality. Each Nugget is solid .999 Fine Silver and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Scottsdale Mint along with their own bag. £170/nugget + P&P of buyers choice and risk Payment via bank transfer 5 3 remaining
  3. 2017 1 oz Great Britain Britannia .999 Silver Coin £14.80/coin + postage of your choice Tubes of x25 coins at £14.50/coin + P&P of buyers choice and risk 39mm capsules available at 70p Payment via bank transfer 
  4. John Wick 1 oz Silver Continental Coin 20 only 6 left £17 each + P&P of buyers choice and risk Capsules £0.70 each Payment via bank transfer
  5. I just watch the video and can't believe you broke the seal on the omp, without a case ready LOL I do pack my items very very securely, saw you struggling a bit haha. You took awesome pictures of the bar but should do more close ups! Very happy to see that bar show cased! Thank you
  6. @Nortypeter Thank you very much for your kind generous words! Will be happy to do similar transactions in the future with you.