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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents, Welcome and thank you for stopping by to have a look at this wonderful 10 oz t silver bar in original sealed packaging from RCM. Price reduction £165 £160 bank transfer or PP F&F, free shipping via Royal Mail Signed For 1st class, or buyer pays for shipping service of their choice. Any questions please do ask.
  2. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    @Downs523 here's a photo I couldn't send it via pm
  3. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    Thanks for all the info guys, think I will post it up shortly. BTW I see people saying “bump” what does that mean?
  4. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    Added 0 minutes later...
  5. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    Thanks for the info @sixgun and @Bullionbilly I'll give the bar a photo shoot. Bit dubious about the sending the bar before getting paid part tho. Lol Give me a mo and I post some photos shortly here
  6. Thank you @TheGoldAngel I will do!
  7. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    @Wackattak924 thank you so much for replying. I'm new to this forum, may I ask where should I go to sell?