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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I like to collect 1 oz series bullion coins that are of 999 purity, not into to many of the premium high cost collectibles. love to collect many different designs rather than the same designs with different years.

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  1. I will take them please if they are available?
  2. I will take one with a capsule to if you have one
  3. If you are willing to split them up I would take one. But no worries if you Can't Regards Gavin
  4. Recieved mine today. Very well packaged and immaculate. Thank you
  5. Can I have the east India guinea please. Via second class standard please. Many thanks Gavin
  6. Can I also grab one not signed for 2nd class postage?
  7. received today in a nice pouch....many thanks
  8. Loved the video on you creating these. The detail on both new designs are excellent
  9. Ok yeah sure. PM me over your PayPal to send the payment via f&f and I will send over the money and my address. Many thanks Gavin
  10. How much is that including delivery for one at the cheapest mail possible?
  11. Could I take one via the cheapest delivery method please. I will annoy everyone with my low quantity's eventually. But I like to collect one ounce bullion coins that have different designs. I don't have this one yet. Regards Gavin
  12. I will take one if it isn't to much trouble to split them up Can pay via paypal f&f. The cheapest mail if possible. Gavin
  13. i will take the Kookaburra, the rwanda, and golden pipeline if still available? can pay via paypal.