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  1. Yes the Pagnani Bullion Mint was so called resurrected in Australia by one of the Pagnani descendants Antonio Pagnani in 2011. They produced: 5 Bullion Coins [1/2oz, 1oz, 1 1/2oz, 2 oz and a 100gram] 5 Bullion Bars [1 1/2oz, 3oz, 5oz, 7oz and 12oz] 5 Investment Bullion [10oz, 15oz, 20oz, 50oz and 1kg] 2 Gold Bullion [1/2oz round, 1oz round and 1oz Bar] Undistributed Mink Mark - 2oz Year of the dragon Limited Edition Gold Coin - only 5 coins ever minted and sold for just under 5k. Limited edition [1/2 oz gold round, Limited edition Long de Chuan Ren, Dragon 1oz 999 silver and a 5oz designer minted coin Australian] Pagnani also marketed The Pagnani Silver Club which cost 5k to join. Member benefits included 1 free silver round per month, access to bullion at wholesale prices and item not offered to the public. Unfortunately Pagnani Billion shut down and most of the club members did not received what was promised. Pagnani Bullion was also accused of selling it initial rounds weighed in at oz not troy ounce and there was even a suggestion that it was also not 999 fine. Below is a publish history of the Pagnani Family which may or may not be true. The Pagnani Mint FamilyThe Pagnani Family have been Minters by trade for centuries. According to recent study, the actual establishment of the the Pagnani Mint began in 1866.It is not known why it had taken so long for the Minters to establish as records only mention the date of establishment and not the reasoning behind it. Regardless, production was limited to family members for political purposes only. The mint never achieved public distribution and it had been this way for 150 years.It wasn’t until 2010 when descendants of the Pagnani Family revived the mint and slightly altered the mintmark to suit modern times. The original mintmark simply was the Pagnani Crest which is the 2 Lions on either side of the shield with the shield underneath the crown.In 2010 the current Director of the Pagnani Bullion Mint added a circle around the Crest and inside that circle added the words ‘Pagnani Bullion Founded 2010’. In honour of the actual founders of the mint, it seems fitting to again change the mintmark to state the correct establishment date of 1866. This is now the current mintmark of the Pagnani Bullion Mint Pty. Ltd.The venture seems to have failed circa 2013.
  2. Hi all,I'm looking for some Pagnani Silver. Does anyone have any they wish to part with. I will pay a premium for any size but would love to get some of the larger bars. Let me know if you have any on offer. Thanks
  3. Vintage ABC 1oz Silver 99.98 Ingot
  4. Lee Cheong 500 Grams Silver Ingot Bullion Bar Added 0 minutes later... 1/2 oz Pagnani Silver Button Bullion .999
  5. Rare ABC 52.2 grams approx 1.68 oz Ingot
  6. My latest acquisition with some awesome toning. 100oz ingot produced by Harringtons with DCL Counterstamp. DCL represents Darlington Commodities Pty. Ltd. DCL was established in Melbourne Australia in 1978 and ended operations in 1987. I have since noted a stamping error on this bar!