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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    i'm collecting all types of silver bars and government issued coins in both gold and silver!

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  1. enjoy the new journey and welcome!
  2. Those look amazing! Great 1st order pick ups, waayyy to go! I'll admit to having zero experience with these types of bar shaped coins from Perth Mint so not sure about expectations regarding the scratches. I can say Perth mint is typically more reliable than other mints in terms how they ship to the dealer (based on comments from experienced stackers). those dragons look amazing and hard not to appreciate your Geigers either.
  3. lazyboy.... how's the search going for you? did you find a seller?
  4. are they hand poured? If not, they should never be under weight (imo) and i've yet to see an overage like you've quoted above. I weigh everything that enters my stack (approx 200 oz) without seeing those types of variances. perhaps you can find a trusted dealer in your area and ask for help? they might be able to test them with greater accuracy/certainty. Hopefully everything works out for you sir.
  5. Awesome work..... the red eyed rodgers look deadly!
  6. Maze, While on the topic of pick ups..... here's my 17 oz grab today. 7 x 25th Anniversary Maples and another 10 oz RCM bar (all $1 over spot!!). i'm lucky to have quality dealers all around me so definitely not an ebay deal, lol.
  7. i'm nervous for you Maze, hopefully everything works out. There are reputable ebay sellers but I don't like that feeling of pending doom. We all find our own path so I wish you luck sir. Looking forward to seeing what you picked up!
  8. i'm thinking he meant LCS (local coin shop)? ultimately i have no clue either.
  9. canadian friends, no major jaw droppers but i did get an email today from silvergoldbull.ca with a bunch of discounts on select gold and silver products. here's the link: https://silvergoldbull.ca/deals?GTM_PROMO=deals-nav
  10. good luck with your first delivery! welcome....
  11. I've seen a ton of YouTube hype for these recently and I was floored at how expensive they are. Can't deny that it's unique and nice to look at but that's all the love they get from me!
  12. thanks Jultorsk!! ouch, that's a large mintage for these.... was hoping they would've minted less than 100k. i looked everywhere for mintage numbers but Google failed me, really helpful, thanks. glad to hear your coins are "spotless"! I appreciate the response.......