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  1. I thought the speech was pretty good, she's trying to deliver what was voted for, but the rest of the rabble seem intent on blocking it (rightly or wrongly). So, if I understand this right the options are: 1) MPs vote to accept the deal next week (assuming she can get it in for a vote), the EU grants an extension, we leave 30th June 2) MPs reject the deal, the EU doesn't grant an extension, we go crashing out 29th March (although the EU hasn't 100% written off a longer extension by the sounds of it)
  2. longplay

    Silver stack

    I think BYB is having a bit of a rest from group orders, understandably considering the rush to try and beat/second guess Brexit
  3. The 20 day delay was probably to get around eBay's rules for new sellers (this account was only registered 8th March). They don't allow the money to be withdrawn for 21 days (unless the buyer provides feedback or tracking says it was delivered + three days). A good reason to use PayPal and not to change to another method if contacted by the seller (if they have low rep).
  4. What baffles me is the timing. The Hawking 50p has only just been released, and we're already onto the next one. Does that suggest the RM have a busy release schedule for the rest of the year? Also, the 'register your interest' for a release only five days away (at the time) seemed odd.
  5. You are aware of this thing called Google? It allows you to look stuff up for yourself... 😋
  6. longplay

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Going on recent releases, skip the early dawn queue and just wait for the hype to pass. With the exception of the 2016 Peter Rabbit, secondary prices drop to release price (even below) after a couple of weeks.
  7. You'd get some votes for that motion! The lack of any organisation suggests that, EU willing, we could be extending long enough to get the 2020 Valiant.
  8. Three votes and we're back where we started: no agreed deal, no idea how we're going to leave. But maybe some more time to bore everyone with endless guessing.
  9. Have to agree, the PAMP and Britannia bars are on my wishlist purely because of looks.
  10. I was kind of assuming we'd get (read: hoping for) a throwback Victoria head Sov, but not sure that would be legal (presumably requires the head of the current monarch and can't have two), so we'll probably be limited to special releases.
  11. longplay

    Flog It!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00039cb/flog-it-series-16-30-series-16-revisited The auction starts around 40 mins in. The coin is discussed around the 32 min mark.
  12. And the Brexit status is: stalemate. We don't want to leave without a deal, but we don't want to leave with the only deal we can get. So where do we go from here? Nobody knows.
  13. On the plus side, looks likely there will be time for a few more. Assuming the EU consents (if I was them, I wouldn't, just for the giggles).
  14. Totally predictable (why would the outcome differ with so little change?) so roll on extension so we can perpetuate this farce, assuming the EU will let us -- mind you, provides a good warning to anyone else thinking of leaving. Quite what we're going to do with that extension I'm not sure, because we either need to compromise on something or we'll keep going round in circles.
  15. This happened to come up in The Times at the weekend. We're clearly in the wrong biz as whisky was the best performer over the last 10 years. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/raise-a-glass-to-whisky-the-smartest-place-for-your-money-x6wdkvbtx That said, much of that demand was driven by new customers in China -- with a drop in their fortunes, will we also see a drop in demand? As ever, past performance is no guarantee of future earnings.