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  1. Strictly true, but it was 52%/48% so not exactly decisive, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that we're struggling to get agreement in parliament. I'm not hopeful on a 4th vote working out, so we're back to where we were -- no clear path to exit short of crashing out.
  2. No queuing system, on sale for two hours and the 400 gold coins are still only 70% sold? Yep, a flop. To be fair, probably just everyone waking up to the fact that most of the releases aren't going on to perform like the Peter Rabbit and Snowman coins. A pretty uninspiring design too.
  3. Can't say the two-tone gold £2 versions do anything for me. Just make it all the same gold. Doesn't look like there's a huge amount of demand for it.
  4. Business as usual until an actual deal is passed and we exit -- potentially up to 31st Oct as it stands -- maybe beyond if we get yet another extension, but anyone's guess now. You're safe for a while anyway, they'll need to announce a deal, get it cleared with the EU and then set a leave date. So you'll get plenty of warning.
  5. Mark any post as "not known at address" and stick back in the post box, they're supposed to remove your address from their list, but 50/50 on whether it'll work. For email, reply that you have opted out and that if you aren't unsubscribed immediately you'll report them to the ICO under the GDPR regs -- see if that instills some compliance. Make your complaints public on social media if you have an account. Public shaming seems to be a good route. Dig out the email address of the CEO/MD and send to them (usually easy enough to work out if you can't find it -- firstname.lastname@company.domain is usually a reasonable guess).
  6. I work with marketing companies and the merest mention of GDPR is usually enough to cause chaos.
  7. And May is now offering to fall on her sword if MPs will vote for her deal. Will that be enough to swing it? And can they actually get the deal into the house past the speaker in order to vote on it anyway?
  8. As ever with Brexit predictions, nobody knows anything. No country has ever gone through this process, so no one has a clue what's actually going to happen. As said in this thread already, the usual supply and demand arguments suggest this doesn't pass the taste test. They're slowing up now due to uncertainty. Once we get Brexit out of the way we'll be back to the usual skyrocketing prices, even with Chinese demand weakening.
  9. You're not the only one to think that, as the Foreign Office just bought an apartment for the UK trade commissioner for North America (for a cool £12m) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47717397
  10. This quote flashed by me without registering earlier in the week, and it's taken me a while to track it down. The US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, was on the Today programme on Friday and stated: "It's our desire to see the parties come to an amicable conclusion so the United States can enter into a free trade agreement with both sides, and that neither do anything that would preclude a robust free trade agreement with the United States." So VAT-free silver here we come? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0003d74 ~51 minutes in
  11. Possibly different for their business customers, but using the parcel option from the DHL site clearly states precious metals are out: https://www.ipostparcels.com/parcel-delivery/uk-prohibited-items Express is a bit more vague. Bullion is out, as are commemorative coins/medals (but only in excess of £2,000 on the latter): https://parcel.dhl.co.uk/what-you-can-and-cant-send/ For packages under £250, the RM actually use Royal Mail Tracked48. Which is interesting, as it only appears to cover up to £100.
  12. I looked recently and basically no one but Royal Mail Special Delivery allows shipping of precious metals (in the UK). Which was a bit of a surprise.
  13. I thought the speech was pretty good, she's trying to deliver what was voted for, but the rest of the rabble seem intent on blocking it (rightly or wrongly). So, if I understand this right the options are: 1) MPs vote to accept the deal next week (assuming she can get it in for a vote), the EU grants an extension, we leave 30th June 2) MPs reject the deal, the EU doesn't grant an extension, we go crashing out 29th March (although the EU hasn't 100% written off a longer extension by the sounds of it)
  14. longplay

    Silver stack

    I think BYB is having a bit of a rest from group orders, understandably considering the rush to try and beat/second guess Brexit
  15. The 20 day delay was probably to get around eBay's rules for new sellers (this account was only registered 8th March). They don't allow the money to be withdrawn for 21 days (unless the buyer provides feedback or tracking says it was delivered + three days). A good reason to use PayPal and not to change to another method if contacted by the seller (if they have low rep).