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    Fine Silver in all forms but especially in Bars and coins, rarely some Gold 24k, also in Bars and coins.

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  1. Yes, I thought so too. But in that case why the Prime minister have a weekly meeting with her?
  2. I am terrible sorry for ask this, but I am a huge fan of her Majesty, and as a Portuguese I don't understand very well how the English democracy and Monarchy works in this cases: - Have the Queen something to say about this? What is her position and as the Queen if she have any kind of power to influence this subject? Thanks in advance for any clarification on this,
  3. Hello dear friend, I am certain that many ppl will have something to say about that! But it was better if your first post would be a presentation one, so we all start to know you a little more. Welcome to the forum mate!
  4. Draconicus

    Naked coins

    Exactly! It's art in a coin. I will never understand how some ppl can call that as Porn! Erotic at tops but never porn! And IMHO even porn have it's beauty. What spoils the all thing are Sex taboos and certain fanatic kinds of morality.
  5. IMHO, it's not exactly a attempt of price manipulation, but just ignorance or Greed instead! This 2 can be the reason for the most abhorrent prices we can se some times. And normally are. Sadly Greed are more common tough!
  6. Good morning dear friend, PM you! Thanks. Paulo AKA Draconicus.
  7. Thanks God that you know us not just because of Cristiano Ronaldo😉
  8. Hello dear friend, greetings from Portugal and welcome!
  9. Me neither! First because IMHO the design it's horrid; second because of the extinction of the Cheetah! I prefer to look to Cheetahs running happy somewhere than in Silver coins after dead!