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    Fine Silver in all forms but especially in Bars medals and coins, rarely some Gold 24k, also in Bars and coins.

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  1. Well, Surely that's another point to debate, if the machine it's useful or not or when we start to have a profit after we pay it.... Case it's I will need one shortly. So in a place where so many ppl have it, or know it better than me, surely some one can give me some of the info I need please? Where it's the machine made? What kinds of online commerce sell's them or where exactly can I ask for one? Any in Europe? Etc. eBay?...no thank you! I just buy in eBay what ever nobody what's to replicate or fake!
  2. Hello friends, I will need to buy one Set Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier Bullion Set in the end of this Month or in the next one. Anyone knows of a trustable place where to buy a new one Inside EU? As it looks nobody it's selling them in Portugal...At the least I can't find a link for it here. And how much usually are they asking for this machine? As in eBay are tons of them with a huge rage of prices. Thank you very much in advance for any info,
  3. @dom555, Seriously, I don't want to play the Black Crow here, but please make sure you have no more Fakes at your stack! Avoid future sadness as In case you could have more fakes there, I think it's better to know that right now than later! If you are not familiar with the possible easy tests google it, there's tons of movies about this. A small advice for you: - Be your friend and do always all the easy tests ( Ice cube melt, Magnet, listen the coin sound as it should have always a higher pitch like a small bell, etc..), you will never be wasting your time! - Choose always very well where to buy! Read forums reviews about the best cheaper and trustable places where to buy Silver! Again it will never be a waste of time!! I wish you the best luck in the world my friend, and may you never find again any more fakes on your collection! P.S.- And avoid eBay like the Plague!
  4. Thank you for the info @Abyss. I think it's a little bit weird with so much announcements of the 2020 releases already and none from these ones in specific. I hope they have not be cancelled for some reason as I collect them and IMHO they are beautifull!
  5. Hi guys, As tittle says, any one know when it is supposed to be released the new 2020 Dragon? Or if it's already known the new design? Thanks in advance. Draconicus
  6. Great collection mate! Keep going with that spirit and will!
  7. Thank you very much for the info @TheBeast , I will dig about it.
  8. Need 1 World of Dragons wooden Box dispatched to Portugal and from any EU Country. Payment in Euros by Bank Transfer. Got it! Thank you @SilverStan