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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Fine Silver in all forms but especially in Bars medals and coins, rarely some Gold 24k, also in Bars and coins.

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  1. Welcome friend! Greetings from Portugal! Enjoy the Forum mate.
  2. I agree also. It looks a positive and useful improvement!
  3. No problem at all Jon, it's from the Heart!! I'm just thrilled knowing you love it:). I loved the video, thank you very much. Great gifts , the bank Check and the bank notes are marvellous! Crossing fingers... I hope some one could help getting these elusive coin/token! Stay well my dear friend! Paulo
  4. Draconicus


    Welcome friend!
  5. My friend, Obviously I was not referring to your coin exactly neither it was related to the coin you specify, exactly because I never see it before!! And you also talk about Bullion condition in a generic way, I give you my opinion about it!! I was obviously talking in a generic way and using irony!! As some times some ppl show up here trying to sell Silver as Bullion that really look like it came from a WW and used as a soccer ball after that!! in a Plain and simple Horrific condition!
  6. IMHO People are still kind of hypnotized by the Shinning Silver effect, and some historical facts about it, hopping for a kind of "D" day to came! Well , I think that will never came back again. The "Silver World & economics" are very similar to what happens and how ppl deal with Copper this days! I see Silver this days as a "grade A Copper" . I personally buy Silver because I just love the shinning! For real investment I buy Gold! Gold it's like wine...lol the older the best! By gold regularly and sell it like 10-15 years later , And you will be a happy guy... lol. And again IMHO you should avoid to buy Kilogram Bars, as they are much difficult to sell than smaller weights. 10oz and 1 oz sell any day, Kilo bars don't.
  7. IMHO you are correct! Saying something is to be selling as Bullion just to justify it's horrific condition it's not a very honest attitude for me! I have seen here in the forum times to times some ppl trying to sell Silver bars as Bullion that looked like it came from the WW II and used as a soccer ball by some kids after that!...lol. Even at spot price I never buy them! Ppl need to learn Silver need to be handled with care! In my country we have a say: Eyes eat first, mouth eats for second! (I hope this makes any sense in English).
  8. Welcome to the forum mate!