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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Fine Silver in all forms but especially in Bars medals and coins, rarely some Gold 24k, also in Bars and coins.

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  1. Hello dear friend. Welcome to the Forum!
  2. Draconicus

    Striking gold!

    That's the mother of all Nuggets...my Goodness!! Absolutely amazing and beautiful!! Blessed be...by the Precious metals God! 🙏
  3. Thx friend. I will buy a 1 0z SIlver coin then ,to see if I can reach him/her.
  4. And you don-t know how to contact him other than Catawiki? Have you also buy from him via Catawiki? It looks I will be forced to buy what ever from him just to be able to contact him>P
  5. Hello friends, I want to contact this German guy called Tyler Dyrdon who usually sells a lot of gold and Silver items on Catawiki, as I need to ask him some questions. Because as far as I can see he have not a contact option there. Any one knows if he is a Forum member here? And if yes what nickname he uses? So I can write him? Any info pls PM me. Thank you very much, Paulo AKA Draconicus
  6. Congratulations dear friend, you are indeed a skilled person! I wish I could have just 1/10 of your talent, as I am that kind of person that can't even draw a straight line with a pencil! For me it looks gorgeous/beautiful. If I had that talent I think I will be making all the needed boxes for my coins! Superb, congratulations, serious!
  7. No I never would accept a proof coin in that condition. I will request to be exchanged asap. I don't know where or who sell it to you, but selling that as "Proof" seems a little false to me... at the least!
  8. Terrible sorry, but the video on the link shows a thin guy and his girlfriend who eats like a Hippo... ...or a Dinosaur lool Just loved it:)
  9. Hello dear friend, welcome to the Forum!
  10. Welcome aboard Friend!
  11. I never trusted them! They will never see a cent from my money. Neither I buy nothing where I am forced to use them!