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  1. I am in again this year, nice one for arranging this again @Bullionbilly, I will have a dig around and let you know what i'll put in by tomorrow.
  2. Just ensure you make a formal complaint. Fedex's CEO is Mr Frederick W Smith, I looked online and his email address is FWSmith@fedex.com I am sure he would love to hear the goings on. If you make a complaint via email, copy him in, that will be fun for you. I have worked in global market servicing for a while and I see all the tricks.
  3. I went last year and it was very small, not a huge amount that sparked the old interest, ending up in the museums!
  4. Not in focus because it's being rapidly fired at you! So it's not so in focus! Don't be confused!
  5. Just wanted to say this was great @Bullionbilly, got my prize fine and ensured my prize was received in good time. Thanks for all your hard work and onward to the next one!
  6. Exciting times! This is great fun, well done @Bullionbilly!
  7. Looks like a generalisation, you could receive either year by the looks of the listing.
  8. Missed the last order, so I defiantly want to get involved with this one. Will get my order over once I've built the shopping list......😂