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  1. The full die set of capped and classics at last.
  2. You really need a coa to tell if it's wreck silver, it's in a way too good condition in my opinion...look at mel fishers coins that came from the atocha and even the best are not as good as this, my coin was from a river haul but still with any kind of movement from tides would slick most coins out or some size together so you find break marks where they have been seperated.
  3. Get into platinum, it's at its low again, last time I recommended it was $780, then it rose to $900 so I'd say to gave another go.
  4. I'm going to shock you, don't buy bullion, buy jewelry, you can get 14k and 18k at almost spot, not sped hundreds if you don't want to, Get eBay bucks if you're stateside and use the same to buy more, you can spend amounts that are doable and if you get a good deal buy things you could actually wear or sell more profitably privately because there's always someone willing to pay more then spot for a piece of jewelry that appeals to them.
  5. DarkChameleon

    Striking gold!

    Nuggets tend to fetch more then their gold content.
  6. Does anyone have an idea of what this was a testing piece for?.
  7. Just tracking his history one day and found a link to coins so bought one.
  8. Ebay will let you return tjings, post pictures to them to prove things were not right, talk to their people and yet won't let you post s bad review as they used to...that is the equivalent of accessory after the fact to let crooks continue, I had one item I bought at a great deal show on its tracking that it was printed out but never reached the post office..I got my money back but dealers can do that every time, just sell it from under you for more and do the lost in post bs....ebay let's them get away with it, I had a case of buying jewelry that was all solid 14k gold..when it arrived it was plated junk...started a case, won the case, posted pics to ebay to prove it..got my money vack, had to send the bad back for them to try and sell to the next person who might not see the flaking plate....ebay stopped me posting feedback to protect the next person along the line.
  9. I have a Justinian too, bought it for my son as his name is Justin....Im very imaginative I am...lol.
  10. Today I bought 8 walking liberty half dollar amongst some other stuff like redbook 2020 And some holders, thought it as cheap and when i.got home found out they'd charged me for 8 quarters....oh well.
  11. DarkChameleon


    Russia and China have been buying up physical gold since before britain sold theirs off...maybe now silver futures are being sold off...im seeing more people looking to buy 100 oz bars now, even selling jewelry to do it...these seem to not be dumb people, even baseball cards to buy silver...not gold...im thinking we are near the bottom and now its none silver owners buying the lowest spot silver they can get, and at $1500 a time they are not poor folks doing the buying.
  12. Now to get a usb microscope and find some errors and make all you money back...loo.
  13. So you have your 1 oz of gold already?.
  14. So wording like that attacking me for my use of free speech is ok?.....Double standard much?.