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  1. Has anyone got experience from ordering from Aurinium.de?,would be most helpful.
  2. So the company that supplies them isn't that good?...got it.
  3. They cant be that good if you don't work for them any more.
  4. My typing is so bad I gave uptippex, I now use duct tape.
  5. Using the word 'deep state' has me running for the door...biased is a two way street and so is fake news.
  6. Can the feds steal things that were already stolen?
  7. I gave up computers for 5 years because of the crts...those and the rotten manager who stole some ideas from the workers and stripped off their identity including mine.....that motivated me to give it up.
  8. I remember using Windows 3.11 for workgroups on a Madera computer with design works 1.0, it was so fast you got dizzy using it, still good for designs for book covers...I could blend in 1000 steps and it would do them all instantly, no more 60 seconds...I wonder if we could do today's tasks lightning fast if we cut out the bloat like over 1gb for a printer driver we used to have with 8k.
  9. You can also use the screen to make a smart mirror...they are so cool.
  10. Uptill 2003 I was using a laptop that was built in 1987...I didn't need internet and the ms dos 6.0 was fine for word processor and spreadsheet, a lot of computers are ok, and if not can have a couple of pieces replaced and be fine..but I agree, replace the bios battery, most are just watch batteries, sometimes you need to upgrade ram to speed up your software including the os, you can get cheap same type ram if,all slots aren't occupied for a few dollars for an old machine but you can get a newer base machine for a coup,e of hundred, it's like smart phones, eventually you have to jump the broom and get something much newer is not brand new...I bit the bullet and built my own that way when it goes wrong I can replace things myself...you can do it, it's not difficult when using youtube university.
  11. I never found a problem with rich lasses, it was the parents were unbearable
  12. £65 for a full sovereign, £45 for a half....mind you, I bought my first motorbike for £1400 soooo.
  13. Maybe we should have a jewelry section for that reason, men and women like jewelry, heck watches are jewelry with a hint of usefulness, maybe wed attract more women then.
  14. It does feel like Christmas morning, considering I paid for it by selling a ring I bought for $200 which had a 0.76ct princess cut d color, s1, beautiful sparkle(, the man wanted only the solitaire so its sister piece wedding ring with 7 diamonds i still have)and then sold for $1000...I bought this and then with my left over cash got a nice 10g 14k bracelet and a 6g figaro bracelet...here's the picture , it's next to a quarter for comparison.