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  1. Im thinking antibiotics...lol.
  2. Just got back from the Arcadia antique fair and got some nice constitutional silver worthy of collecting....#Sickofslicks
  3. Would that be one of the white tenner that sell for 500 quid?.
  4. I tried to keep ratio at the moment, in the past I only bought gold, from the late 80s on, then the last 5 years going for mainly silver but I think ratio is good, for now while we don't know which one will perform best from each other..and maybe get a couple of ounces of platinum for the change around with palladium in the future.
  5. Have you ever bartered for something in silver or gold?. I have seen items being sold for so many ounces of 90% silver or face value in 90% but have any of you ever actually done a deal where this is accepted?. or for gold or silver in general?.
  6. If your willing to pay a premium your a collector, if you stack as much as you can then your an avid collector, if design and mintage mean nothing to you then you're a stacker...if you would sell every coin tomorrow to get monster boxes of silver at spot silver then you're a stacker...if you'd think twice about replacing that beaten up old wreck of a car with something new, using your silver then your a hopeful investor....if you carry silver in your pocket and think on everything as being a cost of so many of those coins in your pocket then your an addict...lol.
  7. Keep it at 10%...that way the market falls your pm's offset some..if the market rises your pm's drop...if you have no money in the market and want returns then gold and silver are not it..you want set income like MUNI's.
  8. Silver coins?...because if you just want silver then maybe look at sterming silver at auctions...leave to tell it apart, go to thirst stores and auctions and buy,non weighted sterling, it's higher then old coins (925 compared to 900)....and you could if you need the space melt it down into ingots or shot...if it's purely silver then this is an option.
  9. Or because ebay is offering an 8% ebucks right now so collectors are looking more at sovs and coins not deemed bullion.
  10. The 1986 are a more valuable beast...but I'd never get rid of mine of course..but colections sovs is good when there's an offer on, I usually get some when the 8% and 10% Ebay bucks are on as it's not considered bullion in the states...and right now there's an 8% bucks off er going so another couple on order.
  11. I complete sets then each one gets a place in front of my tv on an antique style sideboard...when I have rotated my collection to ogle I put my I kilo bar in their place, it motivates me to complete the next set...I'd never show my gold but I do have a Robin hood style velvet purse which I filled with sovs and when I need a real good fix I take it out of the sdb and let it hang around for a couple of days to jingle or pour out into my hand...that gold and glitter really gets the heart beating and those collections not far from view beneath my tv make it all worth while.
  12. Welcome aboard the sovereign expresss.
  13. Or it was from a ring, the side up getting worn, the side down away from wear and the edges were the holding point...I have a 1986 half sovereign which I got for my 21st and the reason I started colections them..the wear pattern would be the same...I bet if I popped mine out of the ring it would be worn on one side and no edge worn even though I've had it for over 30 years.
  14. I have Whitman guide to coin collecting but it's obviously going to have an American slant but not as much as you'd think.