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  1. I have seen th3n sell for slightly above melt...lots of charms on them, it's bad to tell he sellers that they got stiffed but it has to be done, I've seen one sell that was over three ounces of charms and got less then $60....good thing mist times the charms are given as gifts and they never bought them.
  2. It difficult to see history melted, I have a hard time watching my scrap jewelry get put in the pot...when you think of it people paid three or four times the value of the metal when they bought it from the craftsmanship but now it's just metal...when I buy jewelry I try to buy something that exceeds it's metal value, looking at VCA, T&Co, HW, C and B...where the value is far above the sum of its parts....although with some pieces you have a hard time seeing the price as being worth it..lol...I have a tiny gold tiffany bracelet, an Atlas with four of the smallest diamonds you could imagine on it...but retail $1400....you laugh at it if you were looking for value for money.
  3. The new version tends to be worth the most, like the morgan peace dollar, a 21 morgan is nowhere near as much as a 21 peace dollar.
  4. It's a shame that so much produce was ripped apart or melted when silver crossed a certain point...a friend of mine had a 1000 oz statue, there were about 100 made, a cowboy on a horse, he bought it under spot $15and then sold it for $18 oz... it should have been sent to an auction house, no damage...but silver is silver and gold is gold.
  5. I get that way when I buy jewelry...I'd almost pay for over night just to get rid of the nerves....lol.
  6. Can only imagine how much the full sov would be..lol
  7. I found a way to figure out politicians which is the paradox phllosophy, when they can lie they do...so do a 180 of anything they say and then move it to the nearest possible reality like when they say they do t have plans it means there are plans but they asked to to have them delivered to them until after the media statement.
  8. Americas debt has risen and its income has dropped, all for giving the most money to the least in need of it and much of that money has left the country...for 8 years the gop were screaming about Americas debt...now they ignore it as they spend through the roof and then reduce income...the exact opposite of what you should be doing but as long as they get their cut, personally or politically they don't give a bad, leaving the dems to once again be the bad guys when they next get ion power.
  9. So the price risesagain, wonder why...oh yes, Iran attacks American base...I like gold and silver going up but not at the expense of my son having to be deployed the second he gets home because some fool decides he wants a war to win an election.
  10. If only, the banks don't care about gold, they just devalue their curency, America right now is upset because other countries have devalued theirs more then a erica has so we end up with a strong currency we don't want just by being the one who dedint weaken it's currency enough.
  11. I recall buying at $1200 not so long ago...now it's almost hitm $1600...who wouldnt, at this rate I'll be scrapping all my jewelry buys just for melt price..lol.
  12. You can try to reel it back in but li,e the fed increasing or dropping rates would have an effect let's not try and deny what facts led to a massive jump across the sector and the dow dropping, a threat of imminent terrorist attacks and cyber attacks has effected the market.