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  1. I did post a new business I had for buying jewelry and selling j jewelry shops for50%markups which did good butasthjsstartedi had to go around d and collet all I had out back and put them in an sdb but I was buying at close to spot and only paying OTT for vvs diamonds which are amongst the best so the rise in gold has helped and diamonds are recession proof for the most part u til the rich feel it and I doubt that will happen for a while...lol...but collecting sovs for over 30 years has helped too.
  2. yup, we had a house go from $700k to $400k overnight, took the best part of a decade for it to go back...so I figure were up on the deal but not by a massive amount,,worked for a man whose wife was a bank manager who got bonuses for geijng people to open some account type and invested the lot in tech stocks...she lost the lot almost overnight...we were not going to let that lesson and our own happen again so we didn't benefit fro all trumps gains but certainly didn't lose to his actions...we're running conservative even in this investment.
  3. When we crossed the 8 year cycle for usual downswing we looked at an investment that has a limited downside and each year we get set it at its height so as the market grows we sign on, but it's a ten year deal so we can't touch it for ten years without penalties, as trump came in wed make sure we signed each year, so we did the same in december...renewal time...this is most of our investments that are not just pensions...so we didn't see any drop more then $5000 from the high, it means we are only down a small amount, this is our long term pension so we can draw on it as our other pensions fall as inflation takes its toll...with the silver, gold and no bills for mortgage and other assorted high usual bills it's worked out well..hell my garage had a wqllof,tools that I'd brought it h me when we moved and a few of those items are n95 masks and industrial one with extra pads and a 3d printer...it beats the 08 recession that beat my ass and took me the best part of a decade to recover, perhaps why we were so jittery this time.
  4. Just got my 2014 britannia mule, have the 2020 oriental on its way then the set is full again..minus the pig privy which I have yet to see in private hands, offers to sell and out of stock but it seems nobody ever bought one..prove me wrong please asidlike to get it to have a full privy set.
  5. or worth nothing if we didn't care about it at all.
  6. Have to find it in order to buy it...who is,going to sell their gold or silver right now?, it would sell instantly but you'd be robbing yourself if you did.
  7. Time to go to the junk yard with your spanners...lol.
  8. My lcs are paying $17 for eagles right now and can't buy them cos nobody is selling and have a list of people to call when selling...they asking $22 for any they do get and that's for Long Term Customers...everykne is holdingmof for the jump and wil, not part with any form of silver right now, give it a,couple of weeks and they might when their money runs out but nit this minute.
  9. I have all the britannias apart from that...it looks like the 2020is going to be a premium now that they are not minting anything right no, the numbers wil be lower for the year.
  10. Which dealer..I checked everyone and they said out of stock, j called them and they didn't have any, checked with the royal mint and they don't have a record of any minted.
  11. I don't think the pig was ever produced, I have the dog and took going to a German dealer to get it.
  12. I'm on 80-20...and my 80 in the market is safe conservative which has dropped about 10% from the high where the rest of the market is down 30% and my gold is down 12% but sold my tradable silver at $18.60...and turned it into gold and diamond jewelry so I'm feeling safer even though jewelers are closing down but thankfully my stash just got sdb'd so it's now finding the right time to,convert my gold tosilver..if silver crosses under $10 then I'm going to be running to the sdb to trade aaay the gold by weight to silver...I don't mind having little gold and a few thousand ounces of silver for the better times.
  13. Glad I dumped almost all my stash at $18.60 and bought jewelry..that at least remains close to its value and tends to go for 50% over bulli0on value.
  14. Yeah, agreed, better to lose $100 -$150 an ounce on your gold then $200,000 on your pension.
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