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  1. I bought a bunch, added1/3 to my stash at 14.30, we were all over it, some panicked and thought it was doom n gloom while a lot were running and buying with everything they had...they could buy and sell on here there were no worries about a lack of buyers and sellers...as for selling now, they can sell here too for about spot with no commision being charged by tsf....offer 20 lot of generics or eagles or brits on here and see how long they take to buy them, ask for spot...finding buyers isn't a problem.
  2. I'm saying to let them have their day, we have had years of little movement, I know, I've been stashing since 1985 in England, I think a bunch of people almost broke the bank buying sliver at 14.30....they are now ju,ping for joy and can sell hopefully making thousands they didn't expect weeks ago...you are right that it takes money to make money, I suppose some could have leveraged and bought ETF's then they might have made serious money...some on here do online trading and might have made a rolex or two on trading, not a rolls Royce but a few billionaires made money trading up.
  3. Like a lot of companies over here though, they flood the market then so many go belly up and you then have to go to more built up areas to find lcs and not pawn shops or jewelers,I'm in a popular gulf shore city so more to choose from,if I was inlandthere might be a bit more trouble finding coin shops.
  4. Some people are using gold as a retirmentfiunds fund and to make money on the rises and buy on the falls is their way to jump a couple of stones on the path, it might not make them rich quickly but do it enough and it might add the equivalent of years of saving from a 40-50 year savings plan...buying full sovereigns at $80 equivalent made great deals for me now but selling them when gold was over $1700/oz and buying then back at $1300 would have given me a few years head start on profit...yes, one deal doesn't make millions unless it's tens of millions invested but small rises and falls and selling and buying can easily double your value over time...people buying hundreds of ounces of silver at $14.30 like a bunch of us did, backing the trucks up, are now almost $2 per coin in profit,we live for that when silver has barely moved in ages, gold going upto $1430 has made the day of people who put their pension money jn at under $1350, maybe they don't have 1000oz of gold but better to see your savings rise and not fall....too many panic when silver drops $1 an oz, give them their happy times when their stash rises $1000 in a week.
  5. If you have $15000 burning a hole in your pocket I could ask him to send it to you...lol.
  6. My local shop is a glut of gold, even has a 10 oz lady fortuna in there, he is struggling to hold onto silver, people are converting..I'm tempted to myself but as both are rising it seems a waste
  7. The shell game continues, the sale of silver to buy gold then the sale of gold to buy silver all to manipulate gold, keep it as low as possible for as long as possible, while streaming silver into the market at a slow rate to hide the build up of gold, stashing for the impending currency wars...the one left with the most powerful currency wins, I'll be holding both metals...if I have to have the red headed stepchild I want the university grad too.
  8. Auction rooms can be a mine of stuff, youre usually having to outbid dealers who are there for the same thjng, just kept track of the weight, spot for the silver and buyers premium....and be prepared to part with so e serious cash it's a big chunk in the lot.
  9. I'm ok with fleabay but I check with my rare earth magnet, scales and micrometer, the feedback helps too.
  10. Wed all like that but if it stayed low then what would be the point in buying,although miss $14.30 and $13.40.
  11. People have been recently been worrying about selling or buying their silver or gold...we as collectors see small (10%) swings as not much, as stashers don't see enough swing to motivate selling in bulk, I think there are too many newbies who bought at $14 and change and now see $16 very close and perhaps see this as ideal yet commision will erode all that profit if using dealers or fleabay, I think the horder's are not questioning themselves and see getting out without losing their shirts as enticing, collectors are not seeing much increase if any in numismatic buys and profit makers were perhaps in ETF's so can sell and make that money but I think worry they might be selling too early with the word coming in that $17 is the new $14...where are you all at?.
  12. Palladium replaced platinum in cat converters when it was cheaper, now it's significantly more expensive but woukd require retooling to move back to platinum, it will reach a point where retooling is viable but electric cars are reducing the need for cat converters, so the demand and need for cheaper materials is in flux...one thing is palladium does not have much demand the jewelry market that platinum does, it was used to make gold into white gold butnowitsmoreexpensivethen gold so makes no sense in using it for that, u less thereis and need other need for palla dim over platinum then it should fall again, perhaps not bac, to its former $400 an ounce but perhaps under $1000, and for platinum to move to the $1200 level, I can see them falling back j to a second position behind gold...I can see palladium reaching $1800 or more any time soon but platinum reaching $1000 seems more likely.
  13. I'm hearing that silver should be going upto $17 while gold hovers where it is for a while...but talk of a currency war is around, that could put all deals in the air.
  14. Considering the likes of China and russia buy in tons, I'd not worry about buyers, there will be middle buyers wanting to buy I sma,, to sel,in bulk, like dealers buying jewelry by the ounce to add up to kilos to then sell on to refiners.