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  1. 1 X Silver standard please. - Many thanks. Will PM.
  2. The only recommendation I can see from RM is that "Coins should not be posted in envelopes" https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/91/~/sending-valuables%2C-money-%26-jewellery-in-the-uk , but you probably wouldn't want to do that anyway. When posting coins, teller always asks me what it is for the insurance and I always tell them - They take it without issue. Either print out the guidance on the above link and show it them or as @Goldhooked suggests, try a different post office.
  3. @Goldhooked I will take one off you. Will PM you.
  4. If it’s failing when trying to make payment - perhaps need to check that the delivery address is the same address that payment card is registered to. Sometimes if these are different transactions will not process - just a thought
  5. Right on queue they just arrived. Very pleased with them & well presented. Would not have found this deal if it want for the contributors on this forum - So cheers everyone for the info.
  6. Its a fair point to make @Michal I did review the T&C and the only downside I found is that you appear to be "opted in" to a lot of sales and marketing. When creating the account you are given the option to "opt out" which I did, however I will be emailing them (per their Privacy Policy) to Unsubscribe from any marketing. Additionally, there is a 30day money back no quibble guarantee - so worst case scenario, this should cover you for anything unexpected!
  7. Bought 3 from Harington & Byrne on Monday @229 - No email confirmation but called them today and they had been dispatched for delivery tomorrow. I purchased direct from the home page - however this now shows a price of @249 but checking out the link @Murdoch89 posted above, it still lets me drop them in the basket at 229