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  1. I will take this @richatthecroftif its still for sale . Will pm .
  2. Thanks Numi ! Great to see them slabbed up - looking all nice and shiny.
  3. The Victoria 200 STOD sovereign arrived today from RM - looks like a very nice coin.
  4. Sometimes when I have a known good example I find it worth doing an overlay - It's not always obvious (to me) when trying to do a stare and compare when looking for sometimes minor differences. In this case I have just put the semi-transparent overly of the coin in question atop of the known good picture (posted by @Jay2) In this case I aligned the coins to fit three point s (Helmet / horse head / dragon head) matching the coin dimensions , and allowing for a bit of give/take (pictures may be slightly different angles) you would expect no notable difference. But as stated, you can see the whole rear of the horse and tail are very much wrong as well as the date alignment being slightly off. Its not an exact science - but I do find it helps me.
  5. The only recommendation I can see from RM is that "Coins should not be posted in envelopes" , but you probably wouldn't want to do that anyway. When posting coins, teller always asks me what it is for the insurance and I always tell them - They take it without issue. Either print out the guidance on the above link and show it them or as @Goldhooked suggests, try a different post office.
  6. If it’s failing when trying to make payment - perhaps need to check that the delivery address is the same address that payment card is registered to. Sometimes if these are different transactions will not process - just a thought
  7. Right on queue they just arrived. Very pleased with them & well presented. Would not have found this deal if it want for the contributors on this forum - So cheers everyone for the info.
  8. Its a fair point to make @Michal I did review the T&C and the only downside I found is that you appear to be "opted in" to a lot of sales and marketing. When creating the account you are given the option to "opt out" which I did, however I will be emailing them (per their Privacy Policy) to Unsubscribe from any marketing. Additionally, there is a 30day money back no quibble guarantee - so worst case scenario, this should cover you for anything unexpected!
  9. Bought 3 from Harington & Byrne on Monday @229 - No email confirmation but called them today and they had been dispatched for delivery tomorrow. I purchased direct from the home page - however this now shows a price of @249 but checking out the link @Murdoch89 posted above, it still lets me drop them in the basket at 229
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