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  1. Thanks Chris appreciate the support that I have been given.
  2. haha I am sure Ryanair Will get me in...…..or maybe not!
  3. Weather fresh in morning and evening but nice in day.
  4. Ok thanks. In Spain at the moemnt but back in the UK on Tuesday, so Will take a photo.
  5. ok Will try him. Thanks for help really appreciated
  6. Ok thanks. I have the original receipt, but I guess that doesnt counr?
  7. Thank you sorry if its in the wrong place!
  8. Thanks. Trying to change to sales but it doesn't save it!
  9. 50 new (still in packaging) Johnson Mathey Silver 1oz bars. Bought from Bullionbypost. I paid VAT and you don't have too. 775 UK Sterling.