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  1. https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/all-gold-coins/ This link here they are £228.00 works Not sure what happened on their site said 239.99 refreshed page it’s 228
  2. My father just bought one of these. Think he was really impressed but I’m not sure if I’m keen on the finish, what’s people thoughts?
  3. I just received my coins from Buckingham Collection. Their sovereigns are at £228.99 free P&P https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/coin/205/
  4. I received my coins today from Buckingham Collection, I recieved the two coins I ordered and an authenticity card and capsules. Delivery 3 days not bad. Just noticed also they have half sovereigns at £128 https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/coin/2019-half-bullion-sovereign/ not a bad deal.
  5. @AndrewSL76 thanks again for the guidance. Will certainly keep everyone updated. 😀
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Just made an order with The BC so fingers crossed.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, maybe slander was the wrong word. I just wondered if you had dealings with them in the past. I like being part of this community does certainly feel like we all have each other’s interests at the top of our priority which is good.
  8. There are some available at https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/coin/205/ iv just made an order from them £228.99 free P&P
  9. Just came accross this post. You seem highly active in slandering firms apart from Harrington and Byrne. I get a new company should be approached with caution which I agree with to a certain point. This post of yours is specifically aimed at the company Iv just ordered from. Have you had bad dealings with them in the past? thank you
  10. Iv just called an made an order, polite young chap. They did offer me a proof, I kindly declined. Ended up buying two. Will keep you guys updated. Fingers crossed I receive the order. Thanks again
  11. Iv seen them in the daily mail and in the Sun full page adverts. Surely if they have enough money to advertise in those areas they are pretty confident they can send the coins? Im new to all this. Thanks for your guidance though
  12. Yeah I think that is a bit off putting I guess everyone had to start somewhere. Im going to risk it. I’ll let you all know how I get on. Slightly off subject is this a more popular coin than the sovereign? Iv seen they have 2019 bullion Sovereign for £228.99 no P&P..... https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/coin/205/
  13. That’s great. Has Anyone purchased from them before always dubious about first time buys. Thank you