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  1. Hi recently I have seen a few adds on YouTube for kinesis and was wondering if it is the way forward and if it is would we benefit just from owning precious metals
  2. Hugo

    More pirate treasure

    I have sorted my stack into 3 different boxes of numismatics, junk and jewellery and bullion really just an update on my stack, how are yours going? all the best Hugo most of my numismatics are on the table
  3. Hugo


    Nice night do the same with the capsules all the best Bilbo Baggins Added 0 minutes later...
  4. Hi am considering buying some platinum should I
  5. Hugo


    Yeah I agree as I’m only doing it as a hobbit you might as well enjoy it it’s like those who buy really expensive wines and then never drink them
  6. Hugo


    Thanks guys it’s nice to talk to people with similar interests i think having dedicated playing coins is brilliant idea I have decided to separated l the pre 47 junk silver form thee bullion and put all of half sovereigns in wallets and all my lunar seires rooster bullion in capsules but have decided to leave the eagles out on the top with some other bits of silver tat as I don’t mind them getting a bit scratched because of there mat finish the scratches don’t look too bad but still not sure tell me what you think all the best Hugo P.s in the picture All the other coins in the big chest underneath the top layer of eagles are in capsules
  7. Hugo


    Thanks guys it’s hard deciding wether to smother them in plastic or to enjoy them but let them get scratched
  8. Hugo


    Hi do you think it is ok to store American silver eagles on top of each other without capsules in a chest thanks.