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  1. Hi I am looking to sell some of my sterling silver, pre 1920 junk silver most of the coins are halfcrown and are all in decent shape some especially so. the dates range from 1822 to 1919 and are all silver. The total weight of this lot is 449 grams I am willing to make an exchange or sell. Price on request. Thanks.
  2. Is it ok to store coins like this
  3. Medieval Henry VI halfgroat minted in Calais annulet issue good condition photos really don’t show the condition. Originally brought from coincraft. comes with pouch and coin slip would like 60 pounds but am happy for any offers
  4. What are you willing to pay Added 0 minutes later... Will start at 180
  5. I think you might be right there maybe I should get it graded if that’s the case probably no point though
  6. Yeah I thought that was strange Baird bullion must of marked it wrong
  7. A 2005 QE11 proof half sovereign originally brought from Baird and co
  8. When these where originally produced they would use silver blanks and gamer the image in many times they didn’t m’agace to center it or the blank was to large and yes they have been in storage for two thousand years In The ground
  9. I wish I knew how to do that I really need to get digging must be an amazing feeling when you dig something up like that
  10. You bought them for scrap I’m jealous and he’s an idiot😂