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  1. Sorry this item has been sold
  2. Hi I am looking to sell some of my sterling silver, pre 1920 junk silver most of the coins are halfcrown and are all in decent shape some especially so. the dates range from 1822 to 1919 and are all silver. The total weight of this lot is 449 grams I am willing to make an exchange or sell. Price on request. Thanks.
  3. Is it ok to store coins like this
  4. When these where originally produced they would use silver blanks and gamer the image in many times they didn’t m’agace to center it or the blank was to large and yes they have been in storage for two thousand years In The ground
  5. I wish I knew how to do that I really need to get digging must be an amazing feeling when you dig something up like that
  6. You bought them for scrap I’m jealous and he’s an idiot😂
  7. Nice Otho is a much rarer emperor and for that emperor that is a great price and condition
  8. Lots of people say the same and I also couldn’t believe it at first but I got these from two very well known and reputed coin dealer baldwins and coincraft Added 0 minutes later... Sorry meant to say two thousand years old
  9. Hi I got these at both coincraft and Baldwin’s
  10. Hi, I just wanted to know why nobody in either the stacking and collecting community. It baffles me as there are so many beautiful ancient coins that are at amazing prices. I know it’s probally not a good investment but fascinating never the less, lately I decided to pick up some roman denari and just find then fascinating none of these coins are above 100 pounds so hopefully you can see what I mean by them being great value. Don’t forget these are two thousand year old coins the oldest dating back to 78 BC when looking at the amazing detail they have kept.
  11. Hi recently I have seen a few adds on YouTube for kinesis and was wondering if it is the way forward and if it is would we benefit just from owning precious metals
  12. Hugo

    More pirate treasure

    I have sorted my stack into 3 different boxes of numismatics, junk and jewellery and bullion really just an update on my stack, how are yours going? all the best Hugo most of my numismatics are on the table