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  1. Hi I have 2x 1kg Metalor silver bars for sale. £441 each delivered within the UK special delivery.
  2. Hi Sell in my 10oz Johnson Matthey silver bar Comes in protective case PayPal friends and family (goods and services add fee) £170 delivered in the UK Will post special delivery Thank you
  3. Hi If available still I could offer £230 delivered. Thanks Chris
  4. Happy to do this for £87.50 delivered recorded delivery.
  5. Any marks seen are on the plastic not the bar
  6. Hi I have 2x 1oz Johnson Matthey silver bars for sale. Lovely little bars £21 each plus post of your choice PayPal f&f or bank transfer please. Buy both for £43 delivered recorded delivery Added 0 minutes later...
  7. Hi I would offer £150 inc delivery for this if you have no luck getting your asking price. I can pay asap via PayPal f&f. Thanks Chris
  8. I did this back in 2011/12 when It was 1:27 (not spot but what I was buying and selling for) good times
  9. @RowanRK6 PM sent buddy