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  1. Very nice coin, are they restrikes? I cant remember the year they were restrikes or originals.
  2. You did, 😂 was just having a wind up with regards to the other persons comment. 👍
  3. I didnt get a PM, he must be messaging himself 😂😂😂
  4. May be worth sticking on ebay in the next couple days as they have their final value fee offer on at the moment👍
  5. Very nice coin and yes I believe only 200 made.
  6. I agree with waiting to buy slightly larger pieces, however paying a higher premium for fractional gold will be recouped when you come to sell...
  7. Welcome to the forum 😁
  8. Brand new sealed Samsung Galaxy watch active. RRP £199 still at this price in Currys now. Looking for £100 plus post PayPal f&f or bank transfer please
  9. 100 oz 2019 Britannias £1700 delivered special delivery UK only. Bank transfer please Happy to split into 50oz x2 if I get 2 buyers at the same time👍