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  1. Glad to hear, was just wondering as the sellers feedback was still 0. 👍
  2. Any feedback from people who have purchased all of these yet?
  3. I think that's without VAT
  4. Looking for a kilo bar, max £450 delivered. Is anyone selling and has one in hand? Baird and co have them for just over this but there is a delay with orders. Thanks
  5. I placed quite a large order on 14/03, I emailed on 16/03 and had a reply on 19/03 stating my order has been received. Its marked as paid and I have been told the following... "Hello Christopher, yes your order will be fulfilled, but please expect a little delay, with coronavirus crisis or delivery times increased more than usual, but still we believe your order will still be delivered within our shipping policy of 15 business days after payment received. Thank you for all your patience! Best regards, Jane." I'm happy with that, 3 days to email back is ok with me..
  6. Looking for any bulk silver that is out there for sale. Looking for full tubes of 1oz coins such as Britannias, maples, ASE, 10oz+ bars. Must be mint condition, no mixed bundles please. Looking to spend max £14 per oz delivered. I understand spot is low/dealers are sold out and most will hold, however this is for people who are looking to sell at this level. Thanks
  7. I'm sure my past orders from Europeanmint came by ground, hence why it usually takes a week when dispatched. However I haven't ordered for 6 months plus... hopefully by air this time.
  8. First thing this morning their prices were very cheap, yes I noticed the quick increase too... gutted i didnt buy 😂
  9. Would you do £28 posted 2nd class standard?
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