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  1. Does anyone know if I ordered several tubes of these would each tube of 20 be the same year? For example if I ordered 2 tubes could one tube be 2012 and the other 2017? Or will they just fill a tube with random mixed year coins?
  2. Hi, I've worked it out as £283 plus UK post for 3 tubes (all I can afford via bank transfer) so a bit more than I want to pay at the moment as UK post will be another £12
  3. Is anyone selling tubes of American silver eagles? I am potentially after 5 tubes. Must be free from toning, milk spotting etc. Looking to spend max £280 delivered each. Thank you
  4. Potentially interested in the eagles depending on price. 😀 Also photos on here with your name and date may increase interest as you dont have any feedback yet.
  5. Only 3 left now. Will do them for £115 delivered UK.
  6. Any close up pics of the Perth mint bar, also of the rear? Thanks
  7. Quite a few people on here have had orders cancelled in the past. Its hit and miss, some have ordered 3 or 4 times without issues
  8. so in reply to my email of why they sent it 1st class recorded i got the following reply Hi Chris, This it's quite simply due to the coins being bullions and being very easy to replace should anything happen in transit, unlike proof coins as you can hopefully apreciate. You are lucky to have received these at all, as under our rules and regulations you are only allowed to buy three per houshold per year and have already acquired 6 as your second order slipped under the radar. I hope this answers your question and wish you a nice day. Warm regards, Sascha
  9. 2019 full gold sovereign in capsule £235 plus post of choice PayPal f&f or bank transfer please.
  10. I've emailed them to enquire why it's been sent 1st recorded.
  11. Have they really just sent these 1st class signed for and not special delivery?
  12. I'm sorry to burst the bubble and ruin the fun but I've done some research into this and the photos are all old ones found on Google. This is a huge hoax and has by the looks of it fooled us all........... Just kidding.... any more info 😂😂😂