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  1. Scottsdale 20oz KitKat bar £320.00 + £8.60 RM Special Delivery , 1 left only. Scottsdale 100g Round Stackers £65.50 each + £2.11 for 1 , £2.50 for 2 , Will be sent 1st class signed for. PayPal F&F please
  2. Last 1 left REDUCED to £163 to sell plus postage as above, no more capsule for now either sorry
  3. I recommend 2 with a cup of tea ☕ but they never seen to melt Enjoy
  4. @SilverStan is the place to purchase these guys, I only sell them with my bars and thank you @Fastnick 👍
  5. A very big WELCOME to the Silver Forum, your going to love it here
  6. Hi Darren, I'm sure I can sort one out but will have to have a look in a while bud, will pm you in a bit
  7. I've got 2 left out of the 5 I ordered but still waiting for them to arrive, price is £86 each plus post bud
  8. Will do bud, just waiting for a reply 👍
  9. Hi Firestacker they are £320 each plus £8.60 RM Special delivery, I've got one left and I have to give @Kieran95 first dibs as he's asked already bud hope that's ok