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  1. We will have to keep looking I guess
  2. I will see in a month or two bud not making any promises 😉
  3. I’m happy to put an order in but I would need 250oz sold first as that’s the minimum order amount I have to purchase. Thats only 25 x 10oz bars 🙂
  4. Just ordered a load of QB capsules for these lol
  5. @Fastnick Hi bud, there’s to much of a premium to pay at the moment with spot price riding high so I won’t be buying any Scottsdale any time soon, that and a minimum buy for me of 250oz 🙁
  6. @Midasfrog did you go for QB caps in the end ? Everyone I Spoke to said they are fine so I’m giving them a go, only need 40 lol Thank you @ZatStackz you swayed my choice 🙂
  7. Found this guy bud https://www.onfireguy.com/capsule-tube-10-air-tite-high-relief-39mm-coin-holders-for-2oz-biblical-coins/
  8. Think you need 39mm x 7.2mm caps now we just need to find them lol and yes the QB caps will come up short
  9. @5huggy We wait the lonest 2 weeks of are lives 😄 I will be keeping everyone up to date with the shipping progress as I get it so stay tuned.
  10. All payments have now been received so I'm closing the buy as of now, more updates on shipping as I get them, Thank you everyone
  11. Hello Hoon Yes still available up to tomorrow bud I will pm you Many thxs Peter
  12. So just wanted to update (today 15th Aug) everyone that's ordered already. It looks like the cut off is gong to be tomorrow now 16th Aug and not 20th Aug as originally noted in this post as I should be receiving the final few payments by tomorrow evening. The wheels are already in motion Anybody else who might be thinking about getting some bars but haven't yet all I can say is, now is the time. Thank you for your valued patience
  13. Hi everyone Just a note regarding capsule's for the 10oz bars. None of them from what I'm told come with a capsule and only the Brit bars come in mint sealed bags. Things are moving forward nicely and there are now only 8 more days left to get your payments in ⏰ Thank you
  14. @5huggy the list has already started for the Aztec bars bud, I will add one to your Brit Bar