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  1. UPDATE 27th March Finally I have some good news for everyone at last. They have passed through Heathrow now so at least they are in the country. Not long now 🙂
  2. @Cpr8 like everyone I’ll just be glad when they arrive lol
  3. Update just in and I’m afraid there going the long way round. I really am sorry about this 🥺
  4. @Cpr8 Not a lot to report at the mow and the update today doesn’t really say to much more either. Will update when I know more. Thank you guys
  5. Just to let everyone know I will not be putting in any more orders for the time being so once the Brit bars arrive and I get posted to those that purchased that will be it from me until such time the world returns to normal. Thanks Peter ps not had toilet paper for 2 weeks now and the dogs looking like needs a bloody good bath 🐶😆
  6. All the Brit bars are gone but if enough people interested I might be able to sort a Scottsdale bar buy, as always minimum of 250oz needed
  7. Thanks @Cpr8 Its just this part we all dislike, the waiting lol
  8. UPDATE 17/03/2020 I've just come off the phone to my supplier and wanted to update everyone as there has been a delay in the bars being shipped to me. I'm assured the bar will be shipped out tomorrow and given what's been going on lately I will just be happy to get them sent out to you guys. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay. Cheers Peter
  9. UPDATE 12/03/2020 Bars will be shipping to me today or tomorrow so next update will be when they have arrived Thank you
  10. @greektony that’s ok and I’ll pm you this evening @Stu Hope your keeping bud and up for a game but only if there in capsules 😆
  11. @greektony I can always sell you one out the ones I'm getting for myself bud
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