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  1. @colinam1992 yes bud will pm you in a bit
  2. I still have a couple left, will be closing this post tomorrow evening
  3. @fris8880 sorry bud all sold last night. Added 0 minutes later... ALL SOLD thank you everyone 👍
  4. Hi ya 10oz Brit bars in capsules £176.00 each BOTH SOLD 10oz Aztec bar £177.00 will included the capsule, all be it's a brit bar capsule SOLD Please add postage below, will send RM Special Delivery 1 bar £7.40 2 bars £8.70 Payment by PayPal F&F please Thank you
  5. @Smoggy how many where you thinking of bud pls
  6. PM's have now been sent regarding payments, thank you
  7. Just to update everyone, I’ll be sorting the warrior rounds out on Sunday. Sorry for the delay but I’ve had one parcel held up at customs but got released today. They don’t come in capsules 🙁
  8. 2oz Silver Intaglio Mint Rounds Gargoyle Type 1 £35 each x4 available Gargoyle Type 2 £35 each x4 available Molon Labe Type 2 £37 Molon Labe Type 3 £37 Morte Prima Di Disonore £37 Air-tite capsules are £2 each otherwise will come in plastic sleeve. Postage 1st class signed for 1 round £2.26 2 rounds £2.70 3 rounds £3.17 Payment by PayPal F&F please
  9. There’s been a delay and I just found out way