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    West Yorkshire UK
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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovs. Half sovs. 1/10 brits gold
    Silver jm bars, engelhard bars, mainly vintage stuff

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  1. The BEST year kook. 10oz is amazing detail
  2. Half soverign case or a peli case full of foam and just do the correct cut outs?
  3. Love 2oz intaglio stuff I used to have loads of it
  4. Very nice. 2014 brit design is one of the best imo
  5. Gold dragon bar is really cool. Are they just bullion or limited mintage
  6. Thank you mr postman. First one the RMC I've seen in the UK. Been after one for a good few month
  7. Stock up on more 10oz bars. Sell off my 1oz bars and more gold soverigns and half soverigns
  8. My gold and my 10oz silver bars. Will compare this time next years. Should be a good chunk more gold in there
  9. Nice. Wonder how many people have these and haven't even realised what they have
  10. 4 x 1oz rare windmill set. 2 are sharps pixley 2 are schone £160 2 x 1oz merry xmas bars toned £20 each 1oz Happy holidays bar sealed 2005 £20 1oz Italian bar with COA £30 All are plus post of choice. Anything below special delivery is your risk. Postage to UK only. Bank transfer payment please
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. I didnt realise you could check each coin with NGC etc.only started looking into proof stuff last few days so far I've just got bullion. Just eventually wanting a few nice pieces in proof such as 1989 Tudor 2005 and 2017 Will put wanted ads up as and when I'm ready Cheers
  12. Very good points mate. Sad thing is they're even harder to find ungraded