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    Sovs. Half sovs. 1/10 brits gold
    Silver jm bars, engelhard bars, mainly vintage stuff

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  1. Youd get more than 500 for them look at what they're going for generally. Nice bars by the way 👍
  2. Soverigns all the way. Recognised all over the world. And capital gains tax free for is in the UK
  3. If you cant hold it you dont own it. I find most popular bars are 1oz, 10oz and 1kg in silver. Never had a problem shifting them . Personally I like the vintage bars as well but you tend to pay a premium on them depending on rarity etc. Cant beat a bar with a bit of patina
  4. More of a collector of silver. Only go for the older bits that catch my eye. Sold all my normal stuff to buy gold
  5. 1oz garantito bar made for Johnson Matthey in the 80s. Comes with original box and paper work £107 posted to uk address Payment by bank transfer
  6. I fit texecom premier elites. They do wired and wireless or a hybrid of both. I tend to hardwire bellbox and keypads as a minimum. Texecom compact PIRs are decent (come as pet friendly option aswell) I have these in my own home with no problems and a cat that jumps on windowsills to watch for me coming home. If you go with the ricochet wireless PIRs they give more information than the wired ones such as room temperature if it's of any interest to you. I keep a wireless PIR in the van outside on a night so if any on gets in itll set the house alarm off (part set) And finally, you can install a smart com that connects to your phone via an app so you can set alerts, arm , disarm etc all remotely. It can tell you if the alarm has been disarmed with the code too. Smartcom can be wired or wireless to your router In my case if i get an alert i know to check my cameras see if anyones about
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