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  1. A rare 100g JM poured bar. Bought on eBay for £70, sold the following month on eBay to somebody in the US for £500.
  2. Shinus73

    Mutant Grape

    Is it a grumpkin?
  3. Shinus73


    Been doing this for about 3 years and today made it to £1,000!
  4. Shinus73

    Brexit means Brexit

    This works for me - I hate feet and most adults.
  5. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    A couple of 70’s back from @Numistacker. Yay.
  6. Shinus73

    Brexit means Brexit

    Absolutely this. My line of work involves very regular contact with the EU commission and Member State representatives, and as a consequence I was the only leave voter in a team of 30-40 staff. I told them all before and after the referendum, that regardless of the result, it simply wouldn’t be allowed to happen. I’m sticking to that.
  7. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    A nice bundle of Kooks, including a 2004 and a 2003 2oz.
  8. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    2007 1/4 oz proof Britannia - will need conserving before grading.
  9. Shinus73

    eBay 10% deal

    The offer says excluding coins?
  10. Shinus73

    1/4 oz QB Question

    The RM changed the observe on their bullion offerings about 18 months ago, simple as that really. i prefer the new version and helpfully for the Mint, it hides imperfections more effectively.
  11. Shinus73

    Social Media Warning!!!

    My approach is to assume that: - every media outlet is propagandising, one way or the other. - anybody who contacts me without being requested is trying to sell me something I don’t want or need - every website I visit is stealing all the data it possibly can and doing something nefarious with it Do any of these things concern me greatly? Not really. Can they sensibly be avoided? Not really, at least not without undue effort. Are these things going to stop in my lifetime? No. Assess, accept, move on.
  12. Shinus73

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Did you get bored of typing @BoredGit
  13. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    Just the Acadia missing now.
  14. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    The search goes on....
  15. Yes, there’s no benefit to using TransferWise if paying by card. The cost saving comes from saving bank fees on a transfer.