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  1. I’m no expert, but seems to me that stocks have an awful lot further to fall given the length and scale of the bull market that just ended. I wouldn’t swap anything for stocks anytime soon.
  2. Several relatively new members being a bit rude about a long standing member for no obvious reason - all recently banned from Twitter by any chance?
  3. If anything, 2011 proves the point. Started and finished the year at around $30, with a crazy move to $50 in April. That move wasn’t driven by changing industrial demand. Demand didn’t dry up on April 28th. I’m not a conspiracy nut, far from it in fact, but neither am I blind to what I see with my own eyes.
  4. I’m simply observing that the larger moves in silver price I’ve observed over the last 15 years, up and down, rarely correlate to any change in industrial demand. I entirely agree that retail plays no part in price discovery, that was the point of my post.
  5. Indeed, retail is almost entirely irrelevant. In the interests of balance, industrial demand seems pretty irrelevant most of the time also.
  6. If anybody needed further proof of the fact that retail silver buying, or demand, or even availability, plays no part whatsoever in the price of paper silver, now is the time.
  7. All of my family are still in Millom, which has even less critical care capacity than Barrow (i.e. none at all). Worrying times - once FGH and Whitehaven go into meltdown, the more rural towns and villages will be abandoned to their fate.
  8. I imagine Royal Mail will be struggling for staff also, so makes sense not to have anything of value stuck in a struggling (more than usual) postal system. I didn’t take advantage of the recent eBay 1% fees selling offer for the first time in ages, for the same reason.
  9. It was telling that they didn’t crater amidst the carnage yesterday. I was expecting my SIPP to have been devastated, but it was actually slightly up.
  10. Interestingly, the miners haven’t cratered today, even primary silver miners. Some are up 3-4%.
  11. Really, as much as I would like to think I am, I’m not clever enough to predict the exact date of a financial crisis, along with 99.999% of the rest of the global population. Good luck to those of who you are.
  12. I have currency to use. The current market action has precisely zero to do with the GSR. That’s not to say it wasn’t predictable behaviour in a financial crisis - it’s following 2008 so far.
  13. Proper financial terrible hitting the fan today - platinum down 25% currently! Not sure they can stop it this time.
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