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  1. Shinus73

    I've Broken Transferwise

    Yes, there’s no benefit to using TransferWise if paying by card. The cost saving comes from saving bank fees on a transfer.
  2. Shinus73

    I've Broken Transferwise

    It’s a money transfer company that allows you to pay for things in foreign currencies significantly cheaper than doing it via a bank.
  3. Sorry everybody, I've broken Transferwise. Was 4/5th's of the way through a transaction this morning when the site crashed and it's still down. I'm sure it wasn't my fault really and thankfully, I hadn't transferred any money when it went down.
  4. Shinus73

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Re: Queens Head at the front of the slab - @Numistacker it's not just you, it's wrong, wrong, wrong! Is it posible to request which way round to put it when sending?
  5. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    Actually from a week or so ago, but worth a late entry.
  6. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    Good stuff - I can see the proofiness in the new pics.
  7. Shinus73

    Today I Received

    I hope I’m not being a party pooper but that doesn’t look like a proof and is therefore the Cu/Ni version.
  8. Shinus73

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    Is it significant for the future prospects of all things Paddington, that there is no queuing at the RM site today?
  9. Shinus73

    for sale 1985 RAM Koala $200 Gold

    1985 Royal Australian Mint Koala - Two Hundred Dollars 10g of 22 carat gold (0.917), diameter = 24 mm 0.295 troy oz total gold weight. Nice condition but some very fine scratches (barely visible) on queens side. £295 (spot + 2% at time of listing) + shipping of your choice. Payment by Paypal F+F or bank transfer. UK buyers only.
  10. Shinus73

    Gold. Where do I start?

    Agree that the difference in half vs full sov isn’t as noticeable as the difference in 1/10 vs 1/4. I keep trying 1/10 and every time I buy one I immediately sell it again....
  11. Shinus73

    Gold. Where do I start?

    Although this is sound advice, I was underwhelmed by the size of half sovs or 1/10 oz coins, they’re just too small to enjoy, so now stick to full sovs and 1/4 oz coins.
  12. Shinus73

    Royal Mint Lunar

    I think they were probably a private commission (APMEX maybe). I suspect whoever commissioned them eventually sent some back for the RM to sell on their site.
  13. Shinus73

    Royal Mint Lunar

    Eventually, yes, but they had been available elsewhere first. I also bought one of each and got lucky, as they both graded at MS69.
  14. Shinus73

    Royal Mint Lunar

    Assuming we’re talking gold, I’m only aware of the sheep and monkey being issued as 1/4 oz versions and these weren’t released in the U.K. I don’t think the zombie dog, horse or fat chicken have been released in that size.
  15. Shinus73

    Ebay Rubbish

    My view - you’re out of order. it’s very difficult as the buyer to prove what you say is true and even harder as a seller to dispute it. I sell a lot on eBay and come across a lot of paranoid buyers, who seem to be permanently convinced that you’re up to no good, with no justification.