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  1. I’ve been doing the weekly family shop for years and have noticed no overall increase in the last 2-3 years. I would say prices increased significantly 2012-2015, not so much since then.
  2. I have for sale: 1997 £2 Gold Proof - Selling as bullion, dark spot on crown - £590 shipped Queens Beast 1/4 oz Gold Falcon - Excellent conditon - £340 shipped. SOLD Payment by Paypal F+F or bank transfer. UK shipping only. Thanks Peter
  3. Shinus73

    Red Spot Gone

    It definitely does.
  4. The use of the phrase 'EU Cartel' suggests they may not come from an official source. 😊
  5. Shinus73

    Red Spot Gone

    I've never tried this with gold, but my experience with silver is that although it removes the tarnish, the coin never looks the same afterwards. It's obvious that it's been treated. Is this the same with gold, or can you not tell?
  6. I keep a large collection of fakes in my dummy safe.
  7. This was once currency and in it’s day would have been copied in the same way every other currency is.
  8. All silver. The Spanish ones are indeed 1966 100 Pesetas (80% silver).
  9. Following the recent spike in silver prices, I’ve been back on the spot price junk silver trail, as prices take a lot longer to react to sudden spikes up or down.
  10. They were pretty bad before Mike Ashley too! The reality is that the practicality of any political ideology is rarely tested authentically because power corrupts.
  11. She’s quite young in that picture.
  12. Lunar Series I finally complete and a 1997 Gold £2 bought from the Collectables category on eBay, using the 10% voucher, so came in 7% under spot. Hoping conservation can do something about the dark spot.