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  1. I’ve noticed lots of these listings over the last few days, all with the same e-mail domain, all different names. Nobody knowingly sells gold and silver at 10-20% below spot.It looks too good to be true because it is.
  2. He’s in the U.K., so VAT has to be paid. I imagine he doesn’t sell as much silver as he used to, now that we’ve all become used to buying from the EU.
  3. Indeed he’s not on their scale, but only a decade ago, Weighton Coin Wonders was one of a very small handful of places you could buy silver bullion and particularly premium silver online in the U.K. To those of us who go back that far, Weighton Coins is a very well known entity. I also remember driving to the shop in Market Weighton to sell him some gold face to face.
  4. Richard at Weighton Coin has been a bullion and numismatic dealer for decades - very well known on the coin fair circuit.
  5. We've just had the busiest time of the year and most people have only gone back to work this week. I wouldn't worry about it, if they say shipment could be the beginning of this week, then it probably will be.
  6. Hacksaw is my preferred method. Cut well away from the coin and prise apart. Not damaged one so far.
  7. Meant to add that the Schulz red trays fit the Lidl case, as I’m sure do many others.
  8. Rolf Harris is not a famous paedophile in Germany.
  9. The Regal collection are coins owned or previously owned by our very own @RegalStacker.
  10. Stick around the forum long enough and you’ll see what I mean. Nobody escapes the wrath of a dissatisfied Silver Forum member. Every one of the well known (and less well known) dealers has been criticised at some point.
  11. If there was a blacklist on the forum, everybody would be on it! 😡👎
  12. Oh flower of Scotland... Mintage of 275.
  13. Very harsh in my view. My simplistic take on the law is that the punishment for a crime should reflect the damage done to others. In this instance, the damage done to any living soul is zero. You can argue that the landowner was the victim, but they were previously oblivious to the goodies buried on their land.
  14. As title suggests, for sale is an RMC 10 oz silver bar. £165 posted. Payment by Paypal Friends & Family or bank transfer, Thanks