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  1. Today I bought this 4 oz skull made by MK won it on eBay for $86 this is my first novelty piece but I could not resist the 002 mint out of 500
  2. Oh ! i am having fun some like the 25 Britannia coins I got for $15 ea i also grabbed 30 oz for $15.50 and some 10 oz bars for like $160 i am in Seattle Washington USA i am buying stuff like this (actually bought 3 buying other 3 mon) https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/clt/d/silverdale-10oz-999-fine-silver-ingots/6810563796.html
  3. ??? How much is a Stone? scott
  4. About 8 weeks ago before Christmas the wife asked me to clean up my stuff there was a new in box Dewalt 735 planer sitting in the corner of the living room for the last 6 months along with all the other things I have laying around At 56 I have collected lots of stuff wife asked what I was going to do with all this stuff? I said sell it and convert it to silver well that was about 8 weeks ago I now have13 lbs f fine 999 silver Having fun scott
  5. Yep thats all I could find in them I started collecting beginning of December have 12.5 lbs so far thanks guys
  6. Hi New to the site and collecting silver I bought 3 West Coast Refining 10 oz hand poured bars I cannot find any information on this company and was wondering if anyone knew of them and what year the bars could have been made thanks scott