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  1. Popped into the shop today. Some really nice items in there but well out my price range. Picked up one of these though. My very first bit of silver, think this is going to be as addictive as coin collecting. 🙈😍
  2. BYB Legend!!! top work and a massive thank you! you work is very much apprciated. enjoy the large whiskey
  3. Oh man.... my orders nowhere as big as some but I’ve just had to add a dragon bar! 🙈🙈🙈 they look awesome 😍
  4. BYB I’ve been searching your channel for that video for a couple of days now! 🤣🤣 I love searching through old coins. Pmd you my payment 👍
  5. I seen them on their web site kitboy 👍 they look great. Think I’ll defo pop in here when we are down. 😁
  6. Iam heading down to London on Thursday with the family and wondered if anyone can recommend a a good silver shop I could maybe take a deliberate detour past with the family and pick up a wee coin or bar? Ive done a search of all the shops in the area but just wondered if any of you prefer one to another or one you use often? thanks in advance 👍
  7. Hi, my first post. been collecting coins 50, £1, £2 etc for a few years now but fancy dipping my toe into some silver collecting. see some good prices in the sell trade section. I take it becoming a premium member is recommended? watched a few of back yard bullion videos on YouTube 👍 Iam from Edinburgh area. thanks craig