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  1. Totally agree nick. The depth of knowledge and helpfulness of this forum is awesome 👍 thanks for the replys guys, I don’t think Iam going to be a big time stacker but defo going to get a spreadsheet set up with some of the details you guys mentioned above. I better starting off right rather than trying to backtrack at a later date.
  2. Guys, apologies if this is a stupid Q or has been asked a million times before. do you all keep a track / spreadsheet of every items you buy and how much you paid? i have read about CGT and wondered if I should start making a note of all the prices I’ve paid for my coins.? or is this just for really big stackers? I’ve only just started and lucky if I have 10oz yet. 🤣🙈 seen this picture on a for sale thread that prompted my question. thanks 👍
  3. Some nice coins from forum member Ed 👍😁
  4. First ever bit of junk silver and also my first ASE. 👍
  5. Awesome Dave, arrived today. my first ASE! Love it. 😍
  6. Thanks Ed, coins arrived safely. Love them. give you a shout next week for the other two. 👍
  7. Butler106

    Silver books

    Cheers for all the comments guys, I’ll have a wee look at all the suggested titles 👍👍
  8. Aopogies i am pretty green to all this silver stuff. I just got an email with the offer and thought I would share it. 😁 cheers pete. 👍 that’s why I like forums as there is a great depth of knowledge and experience in what’s a good deal or not or if there is a better deal out there. 😁
  9. APMEX have silver eagles at $2.49 over spot any quantity.
  10. Butler106

    Silver books

    Can anyone recommend a good book about silver coins / bullion etc thanks
  11. Is that a wee hint at the total weight.... ? 😉 maybe I should think about increasing my guess. 🙈🙈
  12. Could I have the one in the last picture please 😁👍 send me your PayPal details and I’ll get the money over to you. 👍
  13. Hi do you have any pictures of the 2 2011 maples please 😁
  14. Butler106

    9 Fine Mint

    Nice 😍😍😍