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  1. This will be a thousand pound coin very quickly . If you have one you’re very lucky 👍
  2. Jess

    New member

    Thanks mate you too
  3. Jess

    New member

    Thank you my friend
  4. Jess

    New member

    You’re a diamond geezer thank you my friend
  5. Jess

    New member

    Thank you my friend 👍
  6. Jess

    New member

    I mean what interest you within the forum gold sovereigns, silver etc ? I hope to buy and sell eventually on here. Still early days and finding my feet.
  7. Jess

    New member

    Cheers 5huggy What interests you ?
  8. Hello all just joined the forum and I love gold coins, especially sovereigns. More into the numismatic side of things as opposed to buying gold on the spot price. All the best jess😀