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  1. I guess if spot would be roughly $160 USD then maybe $3 USD/oz over spot plus shipping cost? I hope it wouldn't be much more than that, but I've never bought anything from a private seller so I'm not sure if that's too high or not for a generic 10 oz silver bar.
  2. I am looking for one maybe two of the RMC 10ozt Cast silver bars. I've combed the internet for the last 2 weeks and have come up empty other than a couple for sale on eBay with markups that price me out of the purchase. I was hoping there is someone out there with a surplus of these bar that would be willing to part with a few for a reasonable price. I am new to the silver stacking world and am sad to see a company like RMC go under before I could collect the set of some of my favorite silver bars made. The beauty of a cast bar is different from poured or pressed bars and really appeals to me. I am located in Maryland U.S.A. and can pay through multiple different avenues.