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  1. Following the realease of the Gruffalo - I guess that's the Royal mints "Brian from the Magic Roundabout" and "Dumbo"?
  2. Are you sure its not the real thing? I wouldn't sleep in the same room just in case!
  3. Dangerous, as now you'll want more LMU's to join it!! But at least the Helvetia is one of the nicest coins
  4. You can't really fault their processing of orders, presentation of coins, stationary quality or persistence.....but repetitive promotional materials can be irritating. The £279 - 1/4 oz Falcons seem a fair price currently for fractionals.
  5. A very nice treat ... Sorry about the questions but so nice to see one - where did you manage to find one? Do they have an inscription on the side like the French ones with the little stars? Is that a French mint mark??
  6. Could they be persuaded to prestamp them? I can't wait for the Christmas version.... "on the first day of Christmas HB sent to me ...... a Queens Beasts Rolling in Snow"
  7. Lovely looking silver army! Hope 119 is still available?
  8. I would like to buy a little more silver, but dealer prices don't reflect the recent fall... if only we could buy at the same premiums as the states ....
  9. Last night, at close of trading, price of gold went up over £8/oz in a minute, with a pin spike, then dropped slightly after trading. Silver also went up but without the pin spike. Did one of the manipulators spill his coffee?
  10. We all appreciate the hard work you put in to ensure a functional, accessible and "diplomatically safe" forum. Most of us like a good debate, but don't want to leave our fellow "stackie-numis" wound up; or indeed tarnish ourselves!!! Thanks again.
  11. It depends where you are in the NHS; my colleagues get £9.20/hr /37.5hr/wk; some locums get paid more in a day than they earn in 7weeks (then take a "sickie" if on weekend duties). Many stop working as employees because the £1,000,000 pension contribution cap kicks in (£40000+/pa pension plus £120,000+/lump sum) ... its all relative ...
  12. Last time I was in a cafe in Mayenne I met this English bloke who use to make and install hidden Calvados distillation stills inside French lorry cabs. I expect he would get 5 stars!!! Best wishes
  13. Thanks. Its ok I didn't buy!! I was reflecting on the "if its shiny it must be valuable" expectation of many sellers
  14. Better luck than 1; I saw a 2 headed tin "dollar" & diabolical "gold" britannia (obvious fake to even my 5 year daughter) guy selling them, thought it was a bargain at £15 - let him dream.... Just makes you wonder what will happen if we return to the gold standard!!!
  15. The reason residents of many nations use dollars (eg Zimbabwe) is that the population does not trust the government and the currency has been undermined failed due to inflation. Should the dollar/Euro fail, maybe they will use the pound?
  16. I'm impressed you didn't mention gender reassignment. or tattoo removal surgery or the cost of the EU Parliament relocating 12 times a year........ none which is free..
  17. The furry animal 50p hype is a good thing for coin collectors generally as it has re-awakened an interest in kids to collect something that is at pocket money level, has a current value, offers awareness of stacking and collecting generally; collecting coins brings an interest in history, geography, metallurgy, social negotiation, managing your cash (literally) and best of all avoids celebrities... My two little girls have just spent the first two days of school hols hassling shops (social skills) for interesting 50p's (at my expense) - & people have been helpfully sifting their cashmachines for them!! (I hope they don't start selling lucky heather as their next enterprise)
  18. Fabulous looking. What a great addition. I love the detail
  19. I can't quite work out what this lovely coin is? Pray tell....? Is there a particular advantage in grading 15/16th century circulated coins, and does the cost of doing so make much difference to valuations, particularly as they are often "clipped" and sometimes have a little "grafitti" such as on "love tokens"? (unfortunately not part of the elite graded coin owners)
  20. Thankyou both again for this tremendous, well organised effort involving wealth preservation, glitter and international negotiations. I know a place where 650 individuals need a similar guiding hand now your free....
  21. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, world recession is on its way (it's cyclical) and the EU experiment is going to struggle to survive when so many states owe so much to so many more.... Protect assets, diversify, to ensure money outlives currency
  22. What a fabulous coin and such an amazing contrast. What beauts!!