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  1. I think we all feel just the same today as HM after Parliaments shinnanigans....... Maybe HM should sack the lot and just take up the reigns as she would do a better job..........
  2. Emperor's : Edward VII 1902 & George V 1914 Ceylon 10cents. Silver .800 Relatively low numbers minted of these but surprisingly still quite a lot around. Sorry but camera struggled with the Emperors
  3. Empress Victoria on an 1891 quarter Rupee - .917 silver. One of several millions! (I only have one) The fine engraving (engraver William Wyon) on this coin is impressive in my view. I guessminted in Calcutta but I am unsure- anyone know?
  4. Impressive collection that embarrassed my small wallet!
  5. What a classy looking "coin" - (I guess it has a legal value); although Britannia has certainly improved her looks recently - she looks a bit worn out here which I can only put down to the French who were up to their usual tricks at the time.
  6. As Seasider said, everyone thought they were being robbed as the shops "rounded up" which resulted in inflation and it really did confuse people.... LSD (Libra, solidus, denarius) had basically been around since the Romans.... Lets hope we never "Eurolies" our currency...........
  7. I believe a silver dollar or silver crown (5 bob/shillings) were a similar value in silver at some point. Just did a quick search and ... The V.A. miuseum refers to the medallist John Sigismund Tanner (d. 1775) origin German; came to England in 1728, soon after was appointed as an engraver at the Royal Mint. Became Chief Engraver in 1741. Apparently the sixpence he designed for George II popularly gained his name". Never knew that. People still referred to Guineas post decimalization particularly as you allude to for luxury clothing
  8. The one thing you have to remember about these coins was to work in the duo-decimal system so even the lowest of the low shop assistant had to be pretty numerate. If you had to add say 5 items at 7s4d & 3 farthing together you really had to have your wits about you. [If you didn't know there were : 20 bobs to the pound; or 10 florins; or 4 dollars; or 8 half crowns; or 40 tanners; or 240 coppers (or if your really old bun pennies!); 480 'appneys; or 960 farthings; oooooh and 80 threepence. And if you were at school at the time of the change over you had to learn the decimal translation which was'nt a direct translation - so 12 coppers became 5 np and 4d and 5d 2np. Lucky they had fingers and slide rules.... ] The Churchill crown is a super bit of history (he would have sorted Brexit); but I don't think there was any silver in general circulation coinage post 1947. Sorry no idea about values.... but I can guess... still quite a nice little presentation to pass down multiple generations ........
  9. I guess you are talking earlier than pre debasement denarius , maybe earlier than Greek didrachm when they were literally silver coins , though I guess purity was variable due to manufacturing techniques. I expect looking at Archaelogical analysis of ancient Fine silver coins might help? I guess in the UK an early King Offa silver penny. I am sure there is someone on the Forum who has an early Denarius as they were fairly common... once...
  10. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous bit of English Banking history. It has the look of one of those old 18/19thCentury Tokens about it and I wonder if its older than the estimate; particularly as it has "Co" and not "Ltd" on it. You could so easily miss this in a rummage....
  11. I might start from a different perspective- that is identify a vehicle safe to travel in/crash!, low street appeal without keyless entry and with a good imobiliser/ alarm maybe a high quality disc lock with plenty of odd spaces where you could hide PM or indeed safe. I'd rather transport stuff in a big old tank of a Volvo than a flash BMW/Audi and find somewhere to bolt into the bodywork a good quality discrete steel padlocked box - maybe with an intumescent spray covering. Not a recomendation just a thought
  12. A - Now a days even trying to talk calmly and rationally to some people you are likely to get thumped as they can't process due to substance retardation. Play it safe!
  13. Thankyou BYB for all your tremendous hard work & commitment into organising this at such short notice. A massive "silver stack" to process so quickly after the Feb order. Just a touch under a hundred weight!! which is quite something to lug about
  14. With respect I'd guess that the total order for the Forum is a little more than that....
  15. Sounds like a good idea as government allows professional bodies to regulate themselves by regulation ........ The Guild of HM Beasts.....
  16. The Valiant is such a fabulous coin..... but we all respect BYB's position as we need this to work as Parliament is not working with the people on this ............ again!
  17. Any chance of a less grumpy, healthy looking specimen...? It's frightened the children
  18. Thankyou. Please kindly do so- regards
  19. Please reserve 23 and 13 if still available if possible....? Merci bien
  20. I think Sovereigns (2019) appear to be on at £239 and halfs (2018)... but not sure if this is good value due to the fluctuations of gold at the mo....not to mention B££££t