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  1. Caratacus

    Safety Deposit Box

    Thanks. As a "newbie", I don't have more than a few small coins that wouldn't cover 7 months fees, but I have never been in a vault so just looking might inspire my very very long term outlook. I wish I had started a few years ago when silver was better priced- that aside I am really enjoying learning from the more technical posts! I am very appreciative of the very kind advice experienced Forum members have offered, thank you so much.
  2. Caratacus

    Safety Deposit Box

    Thank you "Mr Emery". I may wander over there next week to have a nose around-just ghastly traffic. I didn't realise metrobank were there
  3. Caratacus

    Ted Butler

    In the short term, I guess silver is unlikely to drop in pound terms unless Brexit results in a recovery of the pound against the dollar/euro or another recession hits If Brexit shocks the market further then silvers price could rise temporarily - but I don't see Euro's as being worth more than about 70-75p as half of the Euro-states are baked with debt; and the US has enormous debts (over $22trillion) & surely can't longterm equate to being on parr with the pound? However parallel to this there remains the anomaly of the paper trading of Silver which I understand is circa 200 x the volume of actual tradable silver. A similar anomaly occurrs to a lesser extent with gold. (Gold/silver ratio also looks pretty high). Should there be a hedge/derivative blunder then who knows what that will do to confidence in PM's-
  4. Caratacus

    Safety Deposit Box

    Thankyou for the kind responses. I take the point about gold storage rather than silver-I'll have to start saving! I guess there's a break even point if you are paying say £150 a year. I need to find something nearer Royston! Thank you again
  5. Caratacus

    Safety Deposit Box

    Happened to note a few posts with a reference to Safety Deposit Box's, not that I need one currently but looking v.long term wondered at what point you chaps advised moving from silver in the cupboard, to a home safe and then a Safety Deposit Box? Please!! Mentioned it to my local bank and the smart Customer Assistant had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently they stopped having them years ago. Where do you chaps find one? Sorry if this has been a well chewed subject-I did a Topic search
  6. Caratacus

    Apollo 11 8 coin series from North American mint

    I don't remember a Royal Mint Silver Coin celebrating HG Wells, The First Man On The Moon? Seems the RM missed an opportunity there.
  7. Caratacus

    Royal Mint Britannia bars

    Highly tempting!!
  8. Caratacus

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    Have you weighed/tested it?
  9. Caratacus

    Apollo 11 8 coin series from North American mint

    There was tremendous interest when the moon landings occurred, but I wonder if the low mintage reflects lack of interest?; or even knowledge of it occuring to youngsters?
  10. Caratacus

    Royal Mint Britannia bars

    What an interesting coin. Never seen one before. I wonder what HM thought of it?
  11. Caratacus

    Silver straining spoon 16th century?

    I saw this old posting-I don't know if you still have it, but could the bowl be a sugar sprinkler, rather than a strainer - perhaps with a replacement handle repair??
  12. Caratacus

    Scandinavian silver

    You probably need to identify the Scandinavian country first. And I guess is it GB or G8? There is a site called T Niklasson gallery which has a list of some Danish/scandinavian hallmarks- does that help??
  13. Caratacus

    Another new member

    Thank you chaps
  14. Caratacus

    Another new member

    Good evening; Obviously just joined and started a huge learning curve!! My father was an avid coin collector (as a child I was sometimes given his low valued rejects!!) Recently have set a few bullion odds & ends aside for my small children rather than toys! -but the "cheap" days of collecting my dad use to refer to have gone. Have considered a few silver Britannias but interested in French Francs (they look interesting but funds are very tight). Wondered about a few 1/2 sovereigns but are they worth it due to premiums -would appreciate sound advice. Thanks- sorry I don't have any knowledge to offer - just interest!! Caratacus