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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    The odd silver coin I pick up! Hopefully I'll find a bit of gold ...probably by error....

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  1. I have recently been watching George Gammon who presents a very technical examination of current issues.... Lynette Zang of ITM is a good listen but she was a bit off the other day about the Triffin Dilema/Paradox .... ! A shame because it is a very important economic problem for the dollar ps. Has anyone started investing in "Uranium"??
  2. There are 10,000's of gold contracts in the financial markets which may already be potentially worthless ..... so careful because maybe that's what you'll end up with....?
  3. I was just thinking about this Sovereign- what a shock it would be to find it worthless!! However I would offer to buy it for scrap and then wait for the inevitable economic circle......... However ...... Back to real life ... what a lucky chap ..........
  4. I wonder what sort of story some of these older bars have behind them, particularly from some of the older banks/mines that no longer exist
  5. Nice George V Shieldback!! I can really see why you like these - good choice I really like it
  6. I agree it could do with a make over... maybe bring back the lance.....and turn the Dragon back into the EU......
  7. I guess you don't mean Turkish as they came from Xiongnu and invaded Anatolia and Armenia well after George had thrashed the dragons. Just about anyone else left in the land of the Hittites was the victim of one of the many Turkish genocides
  8. Will they try to remove St George from Sovereigns next?
  9. Very sorry to read about your grief over this-and thank you for bringing this con to our attention
  10. We do have a serious issue and that is differentiating between a) international jet-set liberalised/celebrity led manipulative climate change propaganda and b) the reality of real environmental catastrophe/s that are causing harm as we speak. For example dumping hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic/heavy metals in the Pacific Ocean is unforgivable; or dumping blue asbestos in children's playgrounds; or mercury in rivers resulting in accumulations of organo-mercury in tuna etc. or indeed very obvious melting of the glaciers etc. Somehow mankind has to better steward this single habitable planet. But the super rich are too busy on their yachts to be concerned, the poor are busy working. I hate being talked down by the lunatics and febrile liberals; but I wish that a rational world leader (like Mrs Thatcher) would grasp the bull by the horns and offer a clear vision of where to go instead of the usual crass half hearted tripe we get. At the end of the day it seems to come down to how do you "alone" protect your "own" families future to the best of your ability in a very troubled world....
  11. People have forgotten that the last Western European famines, when Europeans starved to death (free citizens), occurred during the life time of some of the older members of this forum (sorry to sound grim). I agree with your comment about a bit of cheap Bulgarian farmland, even an acre will keep you and your family in basic grub-but totally unaffordable in England. Germany has the potential for significant internal problems (as do most liberalised European countries; with the exception of perhaps Poland/Hungary)
  12. This is an important issue that is little understood outside of specialist forestry fire services It is suggested that eucalyptus bark is so dense that the eucalyptus trees survive fires and regrow; whereas other trees do not recover; this means that eucalyptus spreads and increases the risk of further intense fires. This is a similar issue found with some of the intense fires in Portugal recently where eucalyptus is also grown
  13. I take your point about America being left behind as others devalue. Ironically the UK's devaluation has been forced on us by the EU's obstinacy at not playing cricket over Brexit; but hopefully the pound will recover after the January 31st celebrations...... There is an interesting video about China's position on gold and its likely ownership due to persistent accumulation by Dominic Frisby Money, Markets and other Matters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70MhywXK2pg
  14. I guess under Basel 4, the more currency produced for QE to support the banks means that the value of currency falls and banks need to buy more gold to offset the probability of further currency devaluation?