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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    The odd silver coin I pick up! Hopefully I'll find a bit of gold ...probably by error....

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  1. Thanks. Its ok I didn't buy!! I was reflecting on the "if its shiny it must be valuable" expectation of many sellers
  2. Better luck than 1; I saw a 2 headed tin "dollar" & diabolical "gold" britannia (obvious fake to even my 5 year daughter) guy selling them, thought it was a bargain at £15 - let him dream.... Just makes you wonder what will happen if we return to the gold standard!!!
  3. The reason residents of many nations use dollars (eg Zimbabwe) is that the population does not trust the government and the currency has been undermined failed due to inflation. Should the dollar/Euro fail, maybe they will use the pound?
  4. I'm impressed you didn't mention gender reassignment. or tattoo removal surgery or the cost of the EU Parliament relocating 12 times a year........ none which is free..
  5. The furry animal 50p hype is a good thing for coin collectors generally as it has re-awakened an interest in kids to collect something that is at pocket money level, has a current value, offers awareness of stacking and collecting generally; collecting coins brings an interest in history, geography, metallurgy, social negotiation, managing your cash (literally) and best of all avoids celebrities... My two little girls have just spent the first two days of school hols hassling shops (social skills) for interesting 50p's (at my expense) - & people have been helpfully sifting their cashmachines for them!! (I hope they don't start selling lucky heather as their next enterprise)
  6. Fabulous looking. What a great addition. I love the detail
  7. I can't quite work out what this lovely coin is? Pray tell....? Is there a particular advantage in grading 15/16th century circulated coins, and does the cost of doing so make much difference to valuations, particularly as they are often "clipped" and sometimes have a little "grafitti" such as on "love tokens"? (unfortunately not part of the elite graded coin owners)
  8. Thankyou both again for this tremendous, well organised effort involving wealth preservation, glitter and international negotiations. I know a place where 650 individuals need a similar guiding hand now your free....
  9. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, world recession is on its way (it's cyclical) and the EU experiment is going to struggle to survive when so many states owe so much to so many more.... Protect assets, diversify, to ensure money outlives currency
  10. What a fabulous coin and such an amazing contrast. What beauts!!
  11. Sounds good; but this time we forget the coach!!
  12. What a poor decision by Brown. Failure to understand the long term value of PM as we now watch China & Russia lap it up. I hope "Carney" sorts himself out on this one before its to late........
  13. Could we organise a special Forum tour....... like the "Italian Job"?
  14. Even the "biased" BBC admitted that many thousands of Spanish, German & French residents had signed the cancel Brexit petition because they have foreign IP adresses. Its so easy to have multiple e-mail addresses & pretend to be offended. The whole thing is a farce. Now the MPs will be confused with the EU's current proposal "....is it April or is it May....?"
  15. Grief, I would never have spotted that on the coin! Thanks Seasider for confirming that; I'm off to Specsavers.....