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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    The odd silver coin I pick up! Hopefully I'll find a bit of gold ...probably by error....

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures - So few beards on gold coins!!!
  2. I never realised that Russia had moved so close to the US borders; Auntie Beeb had obviously forgot to inform us!
  3. The US was blatantly obvious in WW2 that they were going to stuff Britains global dominance
  4. I would not know where to start on this one, as I have no experience of handling a 20mark. The one thing I would question is the demarcation of detail in what looks like a little worn coin. Also the flat fields look quite scratchy which you might get in a pocketed coin but not in a less worn coin!
  5. To me the dragon looks knaff; the "9" & B.P look poorly defined; St Georges left foot is missing; I think the Queens nose/eye and perhaps ear area looks wrong; as does the "T"
  6. I suppose on the general subject it pays to get the opportunity to "handle" the real thing before purchase, particularly for us newbies - it would be useful if the Forum organised with a few dealers an event one day to show and handle the genuine and fake coins but I guess that would take a lot of organising maybe it could be tied in with a "coin" fair?
  7. Thank you Augur. Great response. Thank you again. My fault though I was thinking of your average UK Sovereign- all though of course weight/dimensions are equally important. BYB's Saudi Guinea had an obvious clue in the "22" but I don't think the UK jewellers 9ct sovereign look a likes are marked?? Sorry if unclear The reason I mention this is partly due to something I read recently about the silver "1780 "Maria Theresa Thalers (MTT's) which were apparently produced by the Americans/ Italians/French and British sometimes underlicence and sometimes to pay foreign nationals during the war; and there seems to be a fine line sometimes between forgeries; forgeries using precious metals; jewellery forgeries and the real thing!!! (Not ignoring the Chinese industrial scale factory fakes )
  8. Thank you for the video. As Kimchi says it looks like a casting; not like the photo so it would be interesting to know what went wrong with the initial dealer assessment. Without detracting from your "experience", having more information about the appearance/indicators for general "Jeweller reproductions" would be useful. I gather quite a few half/full sovereigns used in rings/pendants are 9ct; I don't know if this is true but if there is someone out there who could give us all a good summary of these issues then I am sure many would appreciate their tips!
  9. Following the realease of the Gruffalo - I guess that's the Royal mints "Brian from the Magic Roundabout" and "Dumbo"?
  10. Are you sure its not the real thing? I wouldn't sleep in the same room just in case!
  11. Dangerous, as now you'll want more LMU's to join it!! But at least the Helvetia is one of the nicest coins
  12. You can't really fault their processing of orders, presentation of coins, stationary quality or persistence.....but repetitive promotional materials can be irritating. The £279 - 1/4 oz Falcons seem a fair price currently for fractionals.
  13. A very nice treat ... Sorry about the questions but so nice to see one - where did you manage to find one? Do they have an inscription on the side like the French ones with the little stars? Is that a French mint mark??
  14. Could they be persuaded to prestamp them? I can't wait for the Christmas version.... "on the first day of Christmas HB sent to me ...... a Queens Beasts Rolling in Snow"