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What I am collecting / Investing in.

  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    The odd silver coin I pick up! Hopefully I'll find a bit of gold ...probably by error....

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  1. Perhaps there will be a John Brown onestruck for loyal servants?
  2. They do have some real gems now and again and I reckon you found this weeks!
  3. Fabulous little haul- I love the pioneer mint
  4. I broadly agree with Goldmember44's sentiments; but I think this particular event is unusual not only in that for the majority of us we never saw recovery from the 2008 recession, but that never before has there been a period of sustained interest rates below 4%, or large scale negative interest rates! or global extreme GDP debt (except during sustained war). Devaluation of currency by Governments has historically resulted in economic collapse and shifts of power (Spain/Roman/British Empire/2nd Reich Germany/France & I guess now the US). This is compounded by a global slow down in manufacturing/commerce etc which seems to be independent of the finance markets; and global overexcited housing markets. Then there's the derivatives issue and the fact that Ag/AU seem to be held back artificially (pre Basle) The uncertainty of Brexit has escalated the price of Gold to the highest recorded in national currency in the UK, (but also I believe Australia/Japan/Canada/India/NZ), although not yet the states. I guess this suggests room for manoeuvre and a little more growth....
  5. I can understand buying them at a good premium and their size is convenient
  6. Sorry Xander, a light heartedly referrence to their web pictures!
  7. Several financial experts are suggesting "sell your gold etc now". Whilst other commentators are suggesting that's the response expected from the finance sector who prefer we remain in FIAT. But, the wealthy and central banks (except the BofE) accumulate as fast as the unstable waivering debt mountains and negative yields fall further. Whilst the pound is suffering the EU gangrenous mafiosa and continues to approach Europarity (directed by globalists), I cannot see any point selling my lone sovereign as the morality of wealth protection is not the same as "trading"; & should we have a bank run (if DM fails) it would be rather nice to have something left to spend on bread for the kids. (I wish I'd bought them vat free platinum for Christmas)
  8. Was it easy to remove the plasters?
  9. Haven't seen one this size before.....may be as useful as a book of stamps in the event of "problems". Maybe the Forum should get a job lot for members
  10. Good to hear its going well and look forward to seeing photo's. £250 here only lets you rent half a shed for a week.....
  11. Most of us agree there is a dynamic shift of power taking place away from the "West"; and China's ownership of the States is colossal (due to earlier failed US international economic policies). Trumpism has come to late on the scene; China has been astute and has been able to buy cheap gold with the millions of dollar the US sends it every week to pay those debts. It is clear that most Americans (or indeed Europeans) haven't the foggiest how much money pours out of the West not just in trade but in debt repayment
  12. The drivers of silver and gold prices are probably more independent of each other than they have been for a very long time, following the Basel redefinition of Gold as Tier 1 risk giving an official signal to accumulate Au. Whereas, currently silver isn't to my understanding, regarded the same. I guess depending how much gold is taken out of common circulation and the price rises and stabilises at a higher level, we may eventually see a transfer of public demand to cheaper silver for jewellery etc- but I suspect there is a lag here before any price rise....... it was only a few months ago Gold was 20% cheaper and they tell me, we are only just approaching the gold jewellery buying season Outside the strengthening US dollar environment the impact is much more obvious...
  13. I wonder if that is because they were influenced by the Graeco-Indian culture which still has an influence in what is now North West India? Just a thought... (This was the Kingdom post Alexander and would include the Bactrian influence). Perhaps someone may collect Bactrian coins and be able to comment??)
  14. I think "Imperial Silver" has a quality feel about it... although those Cromwellian Crowns collectors might prefer "Revolutionary Currency" ? Perhaps the "Forum" has a view.......