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  1. Caratacus

    Gold coins

    The article was only for interest about attempted alloys - it was not about Plating/gold leaf etc My understanding is that Magnetic gold coins should always be treated with extreme suspicion I have no expertise in anything
  2. Thank you for showing these. Very interesting particularly the Brass ingot
  3. Words continue to fail - what was the point of this and the other police forces involved?
  4. Will the Government release the report on grooming gangs? For those with a concern this petition has appeared on the UK Gov website https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300239
  5. Caratacus

    Gold coins

    A similar question was raised in I Forge Iron Forum some years back - this might help a little although it does not refer directly to coins. I have copied one post but worth reading the discussion https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/19616-can-gold-be-added-to-steel/ I am a goldsmith and have done what you are asking but I added iron to the gold, a small amount of iron will turn the gold blue but it is real brittle and not useable in any way. I alloyed the gold with 25% iron to make an 18k alloy I used about 5 grams of gold. The blob that was left was like a anodized blue black color I melted it in an electric furnace covered in flux in an oxygen free envioronment. I used to piece as an inlay on a pendant the stuff could be broken by hand it was very week.
  6. Pre 1920's silver coins are very interesting... nice to have 1914-18 groups. I wonder what you could have bought for a florin in 1919 does anyone remember?
  7. I have recently been watching George Gammon who presents a very technical examination of current issues.... Lynette Zang of ITM is a good listen but she was a bit off the other day about the Triffin Dilema/Paradox .... ! A shame because it is a very important economic problem for the dollar ps. Has anyone started investing in "Uranium"??
  8. There are 10,000's of gold contracts in the financial markets which may already be potentially worthless ..... so careful because maybe that's what you'll end up with....?
  9. I was just thinking about this Sovereign- what a shock it would be to find it worthless!! However I would offer to buy it for scrap and then wait for the inevitable economic circle......... However ...... Back to real life ... what a lucky chap ..........
  10. I wonder what sort of story some of these older bars have behind them, particularly from some of the older banks/mines that no longer exist
  11. Nice George V Shieldback!! I can really see why you like these - good choice I really like it
  12. I agree it could do with a make over... maybe bring back the lance.....and turn the Dragon back into the EU......
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