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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    The odd silver coin I pick up! Hopefully I'll find a bit of gold ...probably by error....

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  1. I don't understand ... Zimbabwe under Mugabe has so many many more multibillionaires than the US and China combined - you never had that under the British
  2. It's a shame some politicians don't understand Democracy
  3. .......... but which October 31st ........? 29th March 2019 was going to be freedom day "0" in the new Brexit calendar...... year 0 AB (after Brexit) but like the change to the Gregorian calendar they stole many days from us simple folk
  4. Sorry to change the discussion slightly as the price has had a major 6hour spike, but wondered if anyone had used Malcolm Ellis Coins; and if so were they reliable? and would you recommend them to your Forum friends? https://www.malcolmelliscoins.co.uk/gold-and-other-coins-for-sale.html
  5. The Scots court has obviously got it in for English and Welsh Democracy..... Can you imagine the squealing that would occur if an English court had ruled on Sturgeons activities being illegal?
  6. But at least on those cold dark icy nights you can look at the gold glistening in the firelight whilst the weeds die back......
  7. How come, We the people have allowed these fools to hijack our Nations Sovereignty; and they get paid to do nothing for three and a half years?
  8. A breather, but I cannot see the recession disappearing..... confusingly the pound rose against the dollar - does the finance world not understand the word "momentum"?
  9. Cool question. Here is a vague response... depends on your definition of "capitalist" (for most of the last 1900 years the ordinary people were serfs to some European Kings/Caesar his mates/mistresses; English was not the main language of Government for considerable periods) 1997 -2010 we had fantasy governments.... you know "Cool Britannia"; "...........the Treasury is empty...."; "Prudence means profligate" 1974 -1979 the winter of discontent; the IMF are our best buddies; 1290 Edict of Expulsion; when all the bankers were (shamefully) kicked out; which probably impacted economic growth for many years
  10. Respectfully, I believe Churchill is often misquoted about his stance on Europe. He wanted France and Germany to be buddies; and for the US and British Commonwealth to support them (which we did and continue to do), but not prostrate ourselves at their feet. I don't believe he envisaged a Federalist superstate on our door step, having been aware of the enterprise of Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Suleiman and Mao https://www.ft.com/content/3d6bbabc-7122-11e6-a0c9-1365ce54b926
  11. You are absolutely right that outside London people are very irritated about this failure to deliver and failure to listen to the people again and again - even if they didn't vote for Farage. If we don't leave there is a slowly growing realisation that the EU administration/French government are likely to be vindictive and force us to bail out DB/ECB when it fails plus they will probably bill us for something like rebuilding their new Commission Offices just to prove our loyalty to the EU President. (Hopefully they'll impose EU army conscription on London first). Mays deal is lunacy as it is a stack of "open" cheques It really only leaves one option now.... bring back Winston
  12. Real pocket money.... but some of us could only afford 6d Jamboree bags!! Wondered if anyone knows if the Scotch shillings continue to be manufactured in 50% silver in 1947..... or is this an urban myth....?
  13. 2019 looks a great coin and I agree the lion is essential but is it me but does she look a bit android. ... still great 2014 is so much more feminine.... and one of the very best....... absolute zero on the cool wall.... 2011 is pointless like 2008. 1999 has an aura of ".... lets go for it who cares about the body count..." so on the sub zero cool wall 2015 has that air of authority the ".... Brexit...lets get it done deal or no deal..." look.. - So in my humble view 1degree above absolute zero.
  14. Britannia still maintains a great figure after all these years.....!
  15. I appreciate the novelty value as they are tiny but are these worth buying at £10 each?