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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    My wife always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading.

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  1. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    Yes, it is
  2. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    Spend some time researching, Look back through the sales posts on here. You'e a Gold Member, enjoy it! Silver is £370/kg my friend. I can't rip you off.
  3. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    Yes, I'll honour that but I think you need to have a cooling off period. Nobody on this forum will pay that. If you want to spend it, I'll accept it.
  4. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    4 x 500g for £1000?
  5. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    No problem. I can do 500g @ £260?
  6. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    Would you like to buy more at that price? I could sell you lots of them. Could source more too 😁
  7. Roy

    PM's in freefall??

    Did you pay £500/kg?
  8. Roy

    Hatton garden metals

    why 'some'?
  9. Roy

    Hatton garden metals

    It will come in a plastic flip. edit: You've blocked me so you won't see this response. 😊
  10. Roy

    Naughty boy

    Ah...we've met 😂
  11. Roy

    Naughty boy

    I think the ending took him by surprise 😁
  12. I was told off by a bus driver today and threatened with ejection unless I turned the music down on my phone (I was wearing earphones). The youth of today! 😂
  13. Roy

    completed Less than spot

    For the risk taker.. I bought it in 2014 in good faith from a reputable pawn broker £150 plus post of your choice Posting out on the 18th Aug BT please
  14. Roy

    Death of Cash

    I propose that people like this should be ordered to stand at the end of supermarket checkouts and made to pack customers' shopping bags. Maximum exposure and humiliation.