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  1. Oh no, I've ridden one 😮 Nearly 200bhp?
  2. Great pics MBZ! A6S, I'd be hugging the kerb setting up a straight line through the bend...wide open! 😃 (and praying nobody pulls out on the side lane on the left 🤬)
  3. I agree! I lived there for a few years and was sorry to say goodbye. Knowing a native speaker would certainly facilitate business 😉 Good luck with the move and drink responsibly! 'Człowiek nie wielbłąd, pić musi'! 🍻
  4. I was thinking about buying a hotel room actually! I read about your plans to buy in Poland and it interested me. Are you or your wife Polish? (PM if you prefer!)
  5. 100 years since Bloody Sunday? Or 100 years from the births of Tommy Cooper and Sir Harry Secombe! That's better 😄
  6. Maybe! I've sat down and spreadsheeted all of my liquid assets; namely gold, silver, platinum, bitcoin and shares. (ECQ has its perks, I guess) I was not shocked but a little surprised to crunch the figures and discover than gold was 95% of my limited portfolio. To be honest I'm ok with it, gold keeps me warm but am I missing out on any opportunities? Please remember I'm getting on a bit and don't want to take risks at my age! 🤧
  7. It's not fake news. Ponder this: Philippines pop. c110,000,000. 3000 cases and 144 deaths. UK pop. 67,000,000. 41,000 cases and 4,313 deaths.
  8. 'Multiples of 25 coins will be supplied in Royal Mint tubes direct from the Mint.'
  9. Give it more time. You can work remotely!
  10. I know it's winter but you are so white! Post Covid, you need a holiday @Kman 😁
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