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  1. Cool! I hope it can be used on pre-orders 😀
  2. Ah, got it! Numi is offering a 2% discount on goods purchased from the Coin Connection during July?
  3. Is this discount only valid for Keith? What is it?
  4. The restrike '47 coins are simply bullion coins and have no numismatic value at all. They are only worth spot price. A good coin to re-sell with this recent increase. Unfortunately, having said all that, I can't bear to part with mine.
  5. Roy

    1oz Gold Krugerrand question

    You're welcome. The seller is a decent chap.
  6. Roy

    1oz Gold Krugerrand question

    You could've bought this 😊
  7. For the Britannia lovers, a pair of proofs. 2017 as approved by Regal Stacker (mintage 2500) 2018 (mintage 1080) Still on sale at the Mint but I'm cheaper and anonymous. No paper trail. £900 the pair posted special delivery, but only on Thursdays. Uk post only, bank transfer please.
  8. Lovely. I have an interest in all of the 'War years' sovereigns. It marked the end of sovereign production in England and probably the end of the British Empire too ☹️ (from a fellow 1917C holder) 😊
  9. Roy

    Michael H

    But who is Michael H?
  10. @Nick1368 will be selling them for a reasonable premium shortly
  11. Me too. I have cash tied up in Lendy and Moneything defaults but I'm semi confident of a good resolution. Like you, I'm quids in with the interest though so not too bad. It's tough to make a shilling now, never mind a sixpence. My confidence in P2P is however sadly waning.
  12. Or grammar, but that's enough for today 😊
  13. I don't think we took the same History class?