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  1. I was offended by the improper use of 'offense' when the OP clearly meant 'offence'
  2. I agree with JB here. If you are just stacking weight, I'd suggest you steer clear of sovereigns. Go for qtr ounce krugs, maples, eagles etc. instead. I tried to 'stack' sovereigns myself and I found it difficult to do so. You always seem to find an excuse: 'oh, that's too good for the pot' 'but I'm sure that's an overstrike' 'it's a perth jubilee head' 'low mintage that' 'need it for my xxxx collection' You'll end up with a load of sovs that you just can't bear to part with. Unless you stack post 2000, that is. There is something magical with the earlier ones. Every one is special and every one should be saved. Monty Python explains it best for me.
  3. Use MasterCard, Amex etc.? Challenge Kimchi: Try to do 99% of all your transactions digitally for one month. With all the spare time you will 'magically' find, you could learn a new language, play an instrument or write that novel you've always had in your head. 😜
  4. @kimchi, yes, get some of your wealth out of the UK. I believe you have family/friends overseas so it shouldn't be too difficult. It's best to lose a little than it all, maybe.
  5. I'm sorry but I can't reply. I'm concerned that what I say may upset you and you will report me to a moderator and my post will be deleted again. I'm already carrying a warning and I don't want my 4 year membership status to be compromised, nor my reputation. I earned (and paid) for it.
  6. Excellent post. Perhaps you worry about things more than I do, or are more informed or better read, but I'm not too bothered about the "War on Cash'. I'm a fan of digital payments and use them almost exclusively, whether that be a debit card, Google pay or a crypto wallet. Cash has its place too, but I don't keep a lot of it in hand and certainly only enough in my accounts to cover my expenses. If a card payment is declined, I'm not upset, I just apologise on behalf of the merchant, leave the goods on the counter and exit the shop. There are other shops. I don't have enough savings in UK banks to worry about bank bail-ins. If they want what I've got that's fine, it just means the utilities and the National Lottery won't get paid. I remember when they introduced decimalisation. That'll never bloody work, they grumbled. 😊
  7. I'm ambivalent because I have no idea what you are on about. C'mon, spill the beans 👍
  8. Hi Frank, With respect, why do you need this information? If you are a collector, you will know already. If a seller, it's £14.36 an ounce or more if you can find someone who wants it.
  9. You're going to need a bigger garage 😃
  10. Splendid interview, thanks. Someone who is not afraid to call something what it is.
  11. @CadmiumGreen people looked a lot healthier in the '70s 😃
  12. If any people from Norway or Finland find offence with my satirical comments about your country or the labels 'Oslo Uncovered' or 'Finnished First', please report it to the mods or admin and it will be deleted.