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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    My wife always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading.

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  1. Roy

    Good for UK

    I know, just yanking your chain 😋 You're right though. Things are getting weird, probably about to come to a head.
  2. Roy

    Good for UK

    I know. I wish we were free, like Americans. I heard they were separating kids from their parents at the Calais border! Wait...I may be confused. Don't worry about us, we have been around longer than 250 years 😋
  3. Are you in agreement that the Platinum secondary market will develop akin to that of silver and gold?
  4. Only for you, tied with a bow 😋
  5. It was probably a better idea to just ask you @augur or Pete or vand. Regardless of time, do you think it will be easy to sell Platinum?
  6. Mick, if that was your original idea, keep looking. Another company may do it 👍
  7. Sure. That was my plan, I think?! (you can remove this thread if you think it doesn't make sense 😊)
  8. Yes, it is a bit isn't it? I was trying to establish an exit strategy. Is there a market for these here? I was testing the waters so to speak. I don't have one for sale so I put it in this section not the sales section. Suggestions?
  9. A test to satisfy my curiosity For sale: 2018 1/10 Platinum Britannia £85 plus post of your choice Please buzz if you're a keen buyer. Cheers (this is not a sales post!)
  10. Roy


    I like it but I don't expect to be entered. Well done JB 👍
  11. I remember him. RIP. The bass player was ace
  12. Roy

    Brexit Morons

    Me too! Went from full time education to full time employment with the Firm and still here 30 years on.
  13. Roy

    Milk spots How? And why?

    https://thesilverforum.com/search/?q="milk spots"&sortby=relevancy&search_in=titles 😀
  14. Ok, jealous. 😀 But won't you miss fish and chips? Curry? Eastenders? Rain? Daytime TV? Taxes?