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    My wife always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading.

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  1. Harry and Meghan £5 Gold Proof £1800 Obverse: The fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of the coin. This was designed by Jody Clark. Reverse: Designed by Jody Clark, the reverse features the couple in a relaxed and informal portrait. The text reads "ROYAL WEDDING. 19 MAY 2018. HARRY & MEGHAN". Note: This coin is no longer British legal tender and as such is not exempt from capital gains tax.
  2. He should be found swinging in a cell. After all, these things happen.
  3. Sorry, I was eating my dinner (cut up into little pieces, naturally) 😀 They say that the boomers had the best of times, I'd disagree and suggest Generation X had it all. This is an old farts forum, isn't it?!
  4. Roy

    Worth grading ?

    I have the same dilemma with my Gillicks old chap. Yours is a nice example. Bag marks on the chin? I think Steve could estimate a grade (photo allowing). Personally, they are my favourite QE2 portrait and I suspect they will do well.
  5. Roy

    Gold import

    Sounds very 'character building'! The African countries are safe enough, I guess. Perhaps stay away from the DRC (I suspect it will come from there anyway). Don't take any money with you. You can work out a safer way to transact. I'll admit I'm sceptical, but if you have the spirit.. 😀
  6. Roy

    Gold import

    Good on you! Have you ever been to these countries before?
  7. Roy

    Gold import

    Are you serious? I love a good adventure, but?
  8. They'd be better off offering a credit system, i.e. 3 returns equals a free grade or conservation. Or a special label etc. The options are wide. 5c doesn't cut it. I appreciate it's important to keep the database accurate, a system is only worth anything if it's reliable after all. eg. The system may show 5 at MS65 but in reality you hold the only one graded!
  9. Glad to see they take it seriously! (Not shooting the messenger 😉)