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  1. Roy

    for sale Bullion & Proof Sovereigns

    Thanks JB but I've got the dates I needed now. It's a pity 'cos @Shinus73 is a great guy to deal with. Someone will want them 😊
  2. Roy

    HGM sov

    Very good sir 😉
  3. Roy

    HGM sov

    Agree with ye olde sixgun. For a new buyer however, I'd suggest a 2018 coin first. Feel it, weigh it, measure it. That's as good as you'll get. Now you have a benchmark 😊
  4. Roy

    US vendors

    https://atkinsonsbullion.com/special-offers/black-friday They did last year..
  5. Roy

    Lets talk watches!

    What's in the window between the 8 and 10 o'clock position?
  6. Roy

    Treasure Hunt, X marks the Spot

  7. Roy

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Ah, it seems the curse has finally been lifted after your treacherous desertion 😁
  8. Roy

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    You don't give the Mint the credit it's due. They realised that most people who had ordered three would be flipping the other two, so sent those out immediately to help the customers be the first to list them on ebay. The biggest profits were made by the first listings. Those who wanted to keep the coins for their numismatic value or simply because they were cute, or those who had ordered multiples before (and therefore doted on their grandkids), wouldn't be in a rush to receive theirs and could wait. It's the Royal Mail not the Royal Mint who have an issue with Lancashire. They are waiting for a break in the weather.
  9. Buy Buy Buy! @Roy is offering 67.5:1 😁
  10. Roy

    ‘1942’ sovereign

    Respected seller...thought it was a re-strike? Oxymoron.
  11. Roy

    Queens Beast griffin with damage - any value over melt?

    Not quite. The spoiled silver coin would return to its base price which is very low compared to its premium. The gold coin would retain its value and lose only its premium (less than 10%) You guys worry too much about spot price 😊