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  1. @Caratacus thanks for the input. I genuinely enjoyed reading your reply. @SilvergunSuperman thats an interesting tactic. I will test it out and see if it works for me. Thanks. @Madstacks I did a run of antique shops kind of recently. One guy had a pre 1920s coin that had been found by a metal detector (or more accurately the detectorist’s spade). It had a huge dent/ hole in it. He had £35 on it. I asked him if he’d consider taking less. He kept telling me how good the condition was aside from the crater in it and that it was found locally etc. He said he would do £30 but any less wouldn’t be fair. I told him it weighed less than an oz and I wasn’t gunna pay £30 for an oz. Anyway I think I offered him £20. It was a half crown with a bullion value of around £5. I’m kind of relieved I didn’t get that one. 😅 However 4 times spot price wasn’t enough to sway him.
  2. @Clens92 thanks for the reply I’m referring to all British silver coins pre-1947 and/or pre-1920s. I also have tried obscure hallmarked sterling silver antique items. I tend to price things based on weight in grams at spot price for purity. I guess a lot of people are keeping their cards to their chests but I figured I’d reach out to then community for advice anyway. Online is a bit easier when buying. Shop owners have been the worst so far. Any tips would be a great help
  3. Hello I was hoping for some info regarding the purchase of scrap silver. I typically only bother with BU coins/bars but I would like to diversify. Is there an accepted percentage added to scrap silver that I’m unaware of? By which I mean.. are people just expecting more than the silver is worth? I am by no means a numismatic stacker and was hoping some of you experts out there could shine a light to help me build some old money investment weight. I have bought high premium BU before (which was over spot once you take into account VAT, P&P and a fair sellers profit margin). However, I just find I’m being declined bids/offers left right and centre. Either items stay unsold or are massively inflated beyond base value. Again, any advice or examples of your experiences would be a massive help. Thanks
  4. They are actually pretty cool! Would these be high premium ? Not really done the math from AUD 🤔 A little stack of donuts would be fun! (“Mmmm premium currency!”)
  5. @sixgun fascinating stuff this kinesis. I will have to look into further. It seems to fill in a lot of blanks left by bitcoin. Kind of like a real world application. What pushed you towards kinesis? Is it relatively stable like physical PMs or isn’t it quite volatile like other crypto?
  6. Thanks for the info @sixgun much appreciated. I take it you like it down under? No pun intended 😅 how do you rate the 1oz silver kangaroos ?
  7. @Shaunbarry It says it under your name/pic bud 😅 Location: South Wales
  8. @Shaunbarry You’ve got a mint in Llantrisant so there should be some good dealers fairly local to you 👍 If not.. check out SilverTrader.. Martin runs a really professional service and his prices are good too.
  9. @Shaunbarry I’ve tried to ignore all the brexit bad in the media. I’ve worked as a chef for many years and have tired of people talking about the cost of food (and alcohol) going up. Now that the Silver may be affected... I’m actually concerned. I have bought all my silver so far from U.K. dealers. I’ve been paying tax. I’ve set a limit to how’s much I’m willing to pay bearing in mind VAT, P&P and a small premium for the dealer. I’m not sure what the supply method is for the dealers but if they were buying from Europe then it’s very likely they will start charging more once they restock shop post brexit. I treat silver as a way of preserving my wealth instead of a way to make money. I’m definitely in it for the long run. I prefer precious metals in my hand than digits with some bank anyway. I assume most people are of a similar mindset. Im sure it’ll still be possible to buy a decent amount of silver. It will be an interesting year though for sure. Stack what you can for now until it isn’t cost effective. It maybe that private sales become the way to trade in a few months? And it becomes more of a collected metal than a stacked one? I’m not sure anybody has a concrete conclusion to any of these thoughts? dont lose hope dude! People have traded silver for thousands of years 😉
  10. @sixgun I’ve never actually bought from the royal mint. I tend to avoid transactions where the vendor shouldn’t be wearing a balaclava 😂 So are you suggesting to use the transferwise/currencyfair route for an individual purchase from the euro mint? I take it the group buy is to save on postal costs then? messy business this brexit stuff. I’ve always preferred silver to gold but I suppose the silver to gold ratio may change soon? Do you think silver stackers will become gold stacks after March? 🤔
  11. @Shaunbarry The best is subjective. They have stood the test of time though. They usually come without a hefty premium and are widely recognised. So they’re great if it’s weight you are looking to stack. I’m not an expert though. I just buy what I like and try not to wander to far from spot price 😄 More experienced stackers do seem to rate Britannias.
  12. @Shaunbarry Yeah all silver is taxed in the U.K. I know @BackyardBullion is doing a European mint group order for the forum. It’s probably the only cost-effective way to get tax free silver to the U.K. unfortunately. I’m debating whether or not I might get a 10oz Red Dragon on that order myself.
  13. @Shaunbarry that will be an impressively first year for sure! I’ll be happy with 200oz myself 😁 Queen’s beast series by the royal mint.. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Queens-Beasts First 2 coins are now ridiculously priced now! Stunning though!
  14. I’m new to stacking (and the forum) myself! I had the same kind of idea. I though I’d stack for weight with U.K. bullion. Unfortunately I’ve been lured in to buying some higher premium bullion 😂 Those pesky queen’s beasts got me good! do you have a goal weight wise? Per month or year or whatever?