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  1. $55 shipped (US only) it was sold for $69.95 during its release
  2. I have 2 Engelhard silver bars for sale $220 shipped for each If you buy both it will be $410 US shipping only
  3. 10oz bar at spot https://silvergoldbull.com/10-oz-silver-gold-bull-silver-bar
  4. JM has 1 oz SilverTowne Retro Prospector Silver Bar for $15.95 Monument metals has the 1 oz iron man for 22.10 bgasc has 5oz bars for SPOT
  5. My wife would be visiting the UK next week (for one week) and I am wondering whether she would have to pay import duty taxes on silver when she goes through customs?
  6. I’ve emailed numerous companies with regard to them creating custom silver graphite moulds for me yet none have responded. Could anyone on here recommend someone who is reliable and capable?
  7. I found this 5g Engelhard bar in its original packaging and COA
  8. I’m not a huge fan of this year’s restrike
  9. China - the dragon coins US mint - something new but the Apollo was good I wish engelhard would pour again
  10. WAIT! WHAT?! UK doesn’t have ebay bucks?!
  11. How are the new maples holding up against milking?
  12. Sweet! I hope you’re using those eBay bucks
  13. Apmex sells a few of them but it’s a US base company
  14. JinKesef

    Price drop

    Anyone know why silver dropped so much today?