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  1. Cheers.. I have amended my original post to show Aurinum (dot) de.
  2. Just received a 1oz silver 2016 Chiwoo Cheonwang BU medal in the post from a German website.. ( only EU coin I could find ) ,the listing gave the full description and a picture of a coin in a capsule, turns out the picture was generic and the coin was in a waxed paper flip style envelope and not a capsule. The coin has obvious toning to one face and rim, the coin also has milk spotting and two tiny dings on the rim , I have been advised I cannot return the coin after all of the above was reported back to Aurinum dot de and the reason for not being able to do so was " this is normal for older silver coins and a sign of genuine silver" I know the coin is bullion and not proof, but I do not have one bullion coin or round in my collection with issues like this coin. I will keep it , but I could have purchased a MS70 coin in a slab for not much more money, Huge note to self to ask more precise questions in future if there are not enough pictures of the actual coin to back up its description.