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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovs (bullion)

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  1. I've just had an email back. Yep £229 including shipping but it's only on for 7 days and only 3 per postcode. Thanks for the tip. I'm on that one.
  2. That just sounds too good to be true, I'll have a slice of that.... ive just sent them an email, once they confirm I buy one. Thank you. 😊
  3. I've had myIOM Angel for a few months now. I was going to sell it but I'm kind of attached to it now. A beautiful little coin in my eyes. The detail is amazing, even the scales on the dragon's tail. Love it
  4. Goldfisher

    Shop around

    So where is the best or closest to spot likely to be?
  5. Goldfisher

    Fractional Gold

    I've been stacking 1/10 Krugys for a while but I'm now dipping into half Sovs. I feel I'm going to be on full Sovs by march lol. This is like a drug habit. I just have the urge to buy gold lol.
  6. Lol epic. I live on a boat, everyone keeps asking me "don't you get cold?" I'm like "yeah if I turn the central heating off lol"
  7. Dude, you got a propeller sticking out of your house......
  8. Goldfisher

    Fractional Gold

    Put me down for 1 if that's ok, do you have any photos?
  9. Goldfisher

    Fractional Gold

    I'm a new stacker, I've been buying 1/10 Krugys but now I'm looking for half Sovs. Sadly can't afford larger purchases so suffering the premium but as said above, should make it back when selling.