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  1. Decided to start a few collections.
  2. Hi, looking to start the collection of the Marvel set. Would like to get Spider-Man first or Spider-Man with some/all of the rest.
  3. Have found a Griffin, so just need the Lion & Dragon.
  4. Thanks to this forum my maple collection has grown very quickly. Wonder how many different maples there are?
  5. My timing is a bit off, but as im just starting, im sure there will be plenty more that i will be looking for soon.
  6. Hi, A bit late to start the collection, but looking for the 2oz Silver from the 2016 & 2017. Lion of England Griffin of Edward III Red Dragon of Wales Thanks
  7. Strange thing is, that I dont have the option to edit my first post in the sale thread. I can see the option to do it on this post, so im not going mad 🙂
  8. noob question, but how do I close an active trade post.
  9. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the info, but just checked and the thread is now set to completed.
  10. Looking for the 1oz coins to start the Marvel Series