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  1. Ianbriggs

    Buying moulds

    Thanks caloundracats i will send a message to him.
  2. Ianbriggs

    Buying moulds

    Hi folks i have bought a couple of moulds from fleabay but they look rather small .long enough but too deep so the width is only about 10 mm.does anyone know where i can buy a mould that is of similar size to a 1oz stacker bar like a scotsdale the one.i would like enough room to get a stamp on the bar.cheers all ian
  3. Sweet looking xilver.well done you.
  4. Thankyou sixgun.decorative it is then.very helpful.
  5. Hi folks,this may be a bit of a daft question for those in the know but can you put your name on a stamp without being a business?just a thought before i get melting and paying for a stamp that might be illegal.
  6. Ianbriggs

    Stamp size.

    Hi all.i have got my design for a stamp in my head but i am not sure what diameter i will require for 1oz and maybe half ounce bars.i have looked on ebay at the moulds and they all seem to be a pretty standard size.would 8mm diameter be appropriate? Cheers .ian
  7. Hello wharfedaler iam from otley and also a newbie
  8. Ianbriggs

    Where to get.

    Thanks guys i will check these links out.you have been very helpful. I am keen to get started but small steps and all that.
  9. Ianbriggs

    Where to get.

    Hello all.before i lay loads of money out on everything i would like to know where I can get some stamps made .i have a design in mind but i dont know where to go to get one made .a lazer cutting company maybe?.i would also like to get a 999 stamp and a 1oz and half oz stamp as well.any tips greatly appreciated. Cheers .ian.
  10. Thanks for the welcome everyone.now to ask some questions.😀
  11. Hi folks.iam a complete newbie so expect lots of daft questions from me.iam hoping to pour my own bars eventually but i dont have a clue where to get what from.i also do a bit of detecting but wont be melting any of the coins i find.thinking of buying 999 for casting.iam looking forward to learning all about it.so this is me and hello from otley west yorkshire.