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  1. It was from a brick and mortar coin/antiques dealer.....😬 PM me if you want the details I think I will go back to the dealer and let him know about the dots and NGC sticker placement
  2. Thanks all for the input I overlooked the NGC sticker placement and paid too much attention to the details. You guys seem right that it clearly does not match the NGC photos from that alone. I think I need to invest in a Sigma and carry it around with me 😅 Haha, thanks for going to that length of verification!
  3. Hi metal people Went browsing today and noticed this for sale. I picked up the holder and something seemed off. - The insert moulding is not sharp, and surface is “streaky”, maybe from poor moulds. - Ink on the label is rather dull and fuzzy - Barcode is not crisp - Strike of the Queens face is not quite right https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/3235194-003/69/ Unusually, the photos on NGC are rather blurry. Not sure if this is expected. Any thoughts from fellow Forum members?
  4. 100g sold pending payment. 500g bar remaining for £225 delivered / roughly £14oz delivered
  5. Hi metal people I have some Johnson Matthey 100g and 500g silver bullion bars for sale. Total 600g or 19.29 troy ounces. 500g bar is in bullion condition. 100g bar is much better Asking for £285 for both, delivered by RMSD. Priced to sell together. Works out to roughly £14.80 per troy ounce delivered. 100g bar sold pending payment. 500g available now at £225 delivered RMSD. Payment by bank transfer only Thanks for looking!
  6. I currently have it sold pending payment issues Will let you know if the sale does not go through
  7. Reduced to £230 delivered😁😁 Won't go lower than this now - will keep it or take my chances on eBay
  8. Unfortunately not - just the bar itself.
  9. Hi metal people, For sale is a 2005 1/4 Gold Proof Krugerrand (Churchill Commemoration) with a 1oz silver medallion. All coins appear unhandled. Note that the commemorative gold coin has the Churchill Mint Mark on the reverse. Looking for £280 for the 1/4 Gold coin and £12 for the 1oz silver medallion. Total: £292.00. Payment by Bank Transfer Postage on top using RMSD at £7.40 Postage using RMSD included in above price Thanks for looking!
  10. Yup that’s right. Price includes Royal Mail Special Delivery 😁