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  1. Thank you all for the kind messages. @BackyardBullion I watch your videos! @fehk2001 🐲🀄🇭🇰🐉
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve been an occasional lurker here but only recently started to get back into gold and silver. You can probably tell by my chosen username that I am into Chinese/HK/East Asian themed coins! But I am really into anything that interests me. Happy stacking
  3. Hi all, Long time lurker here. I recently started to buy much older Sovereigns instead of newly minted ones. I picked up a 1913 Sovereign from a reputable dealer (HGM). The Sovereign in question appears to have unusually high rims, which makes it thicker. The diameter also is larger compared to my 1911/1912/pre-decimal QE Sovereigns. Unfortunately, I do not have calipers on hand. The coin would not fit through the slot of a brass Victorian Sovereign scale. Forgot to note whether it was too big for the platter, as I tested it on someone else’s scale. Weight is bang on 8g on my kitchen scales. Please would any of the experienced members here help figure out whether this Sovereign looks genuine? The only difference I can see on the strike of the coin is the blobby plume (less distinguishable waves) on the helmet of St George. I asked HGM about the above, but they merely stated that they weigh and test all their coins. They mentioned that some coins may be thinner due to more wear. I have about 8 Sovereigns from mixed years, and this is the only one that stands out due to the thickness and diameter. Thanks for looking! https://imgur.com/gallery/nVwFSjt