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  1. 1 oz 2015 Silver Libertad (tube of 25) : 20 £ each (475 in tube) 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmoniker : 18 £ each (350 in tube) prefer to sell the complete tubes Never been out of the tube (except the first coin which i photographed) transfertwise/transfert Pm me if interested
  2. 1984 kruger 1 oz 2 x 1983 kruger 1 oz All Krugers 1050 £ 1 1 oz Eagle 1060£ 2 1/2 Oz Eagles 530£ transfertwise/pp ff/ transfert PM me
  3. Sorting out doubles... for sale (offers always discussed) 1820 GB 1 sov (NGC VF25) : 875£ 1869 Shield Sov (NGC MS 62) : 500 £ (SOLD) 1864 Shield Sov (NGC MS 61): 550 £ 1893 5 Sov (PCGS AU 55): 3995 £ 1911 PCGS 1/2 Sov proof (PCGS PR61): 600 1937 double Sov (NGC PF62): 2690 £ 1937 5 Sov (NGC PF61): 5750 £ payment through banktransfert, paypal F&F or transfertwise PM me if interested please
  4. You can enjoy them for now marc We'll talk when you get tired of them.... its good to know you have a set
  5. Each time I buy a gold proof crown, i try to add the silver version to my collection aswell, mostly because i like them to be in pairs for some sentimental reason, but when we only consider the investment side, are they worth buying? Any thoughts?
  6. Nice ones Mark...didn't know you had a penchant for the east 😛
  7. Thomas78

    withdrawn 3 German emperors 10 M

    Wilhelm I 10 mark 155 £ Frederick III 10 mark 195 £ Wilhelm II 10 mark 155 £ PP FF or transfertwise Pm if interested
  8. Thomas78

    A part of my collection: to grade or not?

    Thanks. But first the silver ones But if there is no other option i might be tempted to pay this
  9. Thomas78

    A part of my collection: to grade or not?

    I know but if ever i find a box and the silver ones unslabbed, i might just break these open ... 😮
  10. If any one is selling the 1911 proof silver coins to go with the coronation set, please let me know
  11. Thomas78

    A part of my collection: to grade or not?

    I would prefer them in teh box but have never come across them...
  12. Thomas78

    A part of my collection: to grade or not?

    Will people stop calling her Clare Balding.. I'm really never going to get that out of my mind when I look at her
  13. Thomas78

    German native birds.. is any one following this series?

    true, the first was ok and then they really let the side down