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  1. 1911 C sovereign nice red toning 350 £ + postage banktransfer preferred
  2. 1906 sovereign 315 £ 1891 sovereign 325 £ (normal tail) signed for postage (5 £) banktransfer
  3. If anyone is willing to sell raw 1/4 oz Britannia's -2010 -2011 -2013 -2014 -2017 -2018 please feel free to contact me - will also consider sets that include that coin for 2014 thank you
  4. Each time I buy a gold proof crown, i try to add the silver version to my collection aswell, mostly because i like them to be in pairs for some sentimental reason, but when we only consider the investment side, are they worth buying? Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks. But first the silver ones But if there is no other option i might be tempted to pay this
  6. I know but if ever i find a box and the silver ones unslabbed, i might just break these open ... 😮
  7. I would prefer them in teh box but have never come across them...
  8. Will people stop calling her Clare Balding.. I'm really never going to get that out of my mind when I look at her
  9. true, the first was ok and then they really let the side down
  10. true, but as we still dont know what deal or no deal: that would mean reverting to the old ways: if i bring in any coin from ouside the EU: tax and customs delay (some of my coins have been there 3 weeks now as they try to asses the value)
  11. I know dont get me wrong, it is entirely up to the british... in the short run i might even proft from a drop in the pound, but in te long run, it will mean - for me - no more buying coins in Britain... bit of a bummer when you collect British coins 😜
  12. Nope, I just hop on hop off to Britain, just flash them my id card and thats it.. never been troubled with more
  13. I bought these as bullion... as I am tidying up my collections, would these be keepers or not? And if you sell them, what would be fair pricing.