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  1. You do, of course, require licences for all of these firearms, some licences being significanly more difficult to obtain than others and reason for owning each of them (can't just say cos I like em). Fire arms (of course depending on state) are by comparison far far easier to obtain in the USA than the UK, thus the myth that firearms are all but banned in the UK. Because compared to our atlantic cousins, they might as well be.
  2. No I was looking to pay more 😉 I would rather buy from somebody on the forum who is looking to sell than from a larger bullion dealer. You could say I support small business.
  3. Please feel free to post any offers below or PM me, no proofs please 😁
  4. footram

    Investment Advice

    Lol she already has it. Not my debit card though HA!
  5. footram

    Investment Advice

    Interesting. I have just purchased a kg of AG from ash, because I just couldn't not. I will start slowly dropping money into gold month by month. You guys have been invaluable in your advice. And this forum is now seriously addictive to me. This is all very dangerous and my bank account is looking at me nervously.
  6. footram

    Investment Advice

    Thanks! So many questions, so little time, but boy am I glad this community is very kind and considerate.
  7. footram

    Investment Advice

    Like Alice I go tumbling into the rabbit hole. I also meant to ask what your take is as of current with platinum? Weirdly I always think of it as a posh silver, its a bit too shiny, but my god is it cheap. I guess the death of diesel has its perks.
  8. footram

    Investment Advice

    I did not sir, point me in yonder direction if you would
  9. footram

    Investment Advice

    Tony, My issue is that I am a compulsive collector and deep down lover of shiny things. I am apportioning a certain amount of my money to invest in gold and possibly silver, with a good chunk of it being put away to bump up my deposit. I also have a partner who will be joining me in the mortgage as an equal partner. With house prices being not so high in my neck of the woods and with my job in property and law I am not very worried with regards to interest rates or obtaining a mortgage. I want the shiny shiny. I do very much appreciate your advice though.
  10. footram

    Kilo Bar

    He had a good time there, spent his days doing rock all, as is the way. Building bridges and practicing to blow them up. Let me know if you ever want to rent it. I am a dab hand.
  11. footram

    Kilo Bar

    I have to say I am 100% with you. I was never that kid that saved their toys in the packaging. Stuff is never as fun to look at as it is to touch. Added 0 minutes later... Thank you very kindly for the info, I could not find the process posted anywhere however maybe I was not looking hard enough.
  12. footram

    Kilo Bar

    Very small world. My father was with the 71RE for quite a few years there.