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  1. I think this holds coins in capsules. Where did this display come from? Are they still available anywhere?
  2. Just a proof now that I look at it again. The description starts out with population numbers for the rp though.
  3. Like I said in my previous statement, they stop loss sell on lesser quality coins at a discount. At the same time they are submitting coins for grading. This keeps them ahead of the game and they get most of the 70’s submitted. I bought from Don Bailey and had my coin in hand b4 many others because he flew to Mexico to pick them up, Release date by NGC standard was 12-07. You had 30 days from then to submit for early or first release Due to volume Apmex submits to PCGS, I suspect their cutoff date was later. i did just purchase a PF70 from Apmex off of eBay. The last one supposedly. A few minutes after I realize it’s not a first strike label but just a PF70. Still price wasn’t that bad. Probably sell it.
  4. Yes that’s true. They aren’t my favorite place to buy from. They also cherry pick limited run raw coins. A friend bought 2 of the 1/2 oz RP gold Libertads on the initial sale @ about $750 ea I think. Neither coin will make 70. Another dealer told me this is their stop loss policy. Selling lesser quality coins cheap to move them on. I wouldn’t buy one from them for that reason. Glad I was able to get one from Don Bailey and make the First Release cut off date.
  5. Apmex still has the 1oz MS70 available.
  6. 2018 Libertads. About 350 of them. (not all pictured)
  7. New member here and a big Libertad fan. Thought I would share my b4 and after pic. I purchased this from Don Bailey and submitted it within hours of receiving it. At the time I received notification of results it was the only First Release graded, now the population is 4. Happy I got in on it early.