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  1. Very unlikely imho. You would think the brexit deal is all signed and gone through Parliament given the recent increase in the £.
  2. That alone is a lovely stack photo. Looks like a great price as virtually at spot. I am almost tempted to sell some krugs to get a couple as I bet they are a lovely chunk of gold in hand, and a lot more interesting than the usual bullion coins.
  3. Now almost at spot so a bargain for someone.
  4. £1250 + post. A stunning example of a Krugerrand if you want one for your collection. Also have the matching 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10.
  5. Coin as shown in photos. Platinum Eagle.1 Ounce.
  6. I have another one of these to sell. First year of issue coin. One ounce of 999.5 Platinum. Priced at spot from bullionbypost. Currently £765.75 + postage at cost. Will post off tomorrow morning if sold.
  7. Coin only as shown in capsules, preference given to anyone wanting them in quantity. Dates are:- 89, 91, 92, 01,, 88, 00, 96, 95,93, 99, 97,
  8. No one wanted this set a little while ago when it was advertised for less.
  9. As title, 2002 4 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set Coins have never been out of capsule. I have included lots of photos as I know the graded PF70 coins fetch very good money.