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  1. Good luck as I think you will need it. Not sure of your logic in shorting given the worldwide mass printing of currency.
  2. There is experimental treatment and then there is the Chinese experimental treatment. WTF, this will probably spawn another virus. 'China has approved the use of bear bile to treat critically ill coronavirus patients.The National Health Commission has recommended the use of Tan Re Qing - an injection that contains bear bile, goat horn and herbs - to treat patients with Covid-19.'
  3. Paper/physical disconnect getting bigger.
  4. Nice coin but £766 seems steep with spot+vat at £704. I was looking at Bullionvault for a potential Platinum top up.
  5. WTF are we (UK) doing still taking flights from Italy. Bet there is no testing/quarantine for people arriving.
  6. What I don't understand is our health officials are saying it would be a good result to keep the UK death toll under 20,000. China has at least 20 times the population of the UK and had less than 4000 deaths. Something doesn't add up hear and why are the journalists who ask the questions in the briefings querying these numbers.
  7. Has anyone noticed the disparity in the gold price from the likes of BBP, IG Index, Kitco. Kitco have it at £1422/oz.
  8. Hi coin only and they are some marks on the actual coin. I bought a bundle of buffalos and this coin was in with them.
  9. Surprised these have not sold given they are £20 below spot currently.
  10. 5 coins available to sell today otherwise going to HGM at the end of the day. £1269 each.
  11. £1335 + P&P which is well under £100 less than what these have sold for recently. A really hard coin to get a decent photo of.
  12. I have 3 available, rarely seen proof version of the US Buffalo all with the W mintmark. Coins in capsules only as I got them years ago from HGM. Asking price as in title.
  13. Currently £32 under spot. HGM charging £1361 a coins, Atkinsons £1343.
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