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  1. I too have been looking at centrica but each day it keeps going lower.
  2. HI, I'm interested. Either cash or 3 2019 sovs + cash.
  3. I asked this same question a while back and they have basically morphed from a bullion dealer to a coin dealer. Gone are the days of buying random krugerrands and getting proofs or early 67 - 70 dates at bullion prices.☹️
  4. 3 coins available, current scrap is £238.25 per coin. 1981, 2000 and 2003 available. Postage at cost.
  5. Reduced to £1020 delivered which is basically spot.😀
  6. What it strange, given the price difference between gold and platinum is that the platinum version of say an engagement ring is often 10% more than the 18ct gold version.
  7. Now posted to HGM, surprised this one didnt go for what is now below spot. Purchased from HGM and going back there tomorrow unless any takers here at spot + postage. Currently £1009.50 + £7.40 RMSD
  8. That was my set, the 2002 4 coin, a number of people messaged me and said I should get it graded. I will probably do that and I will also get the 2005 Grand Slam £5 that has a mintage of 28 done at the same time.
  9. Will be scrapping tomorrow at HGM if no takers.
  10. Coin as shown in photos below, proof coin has never been out of capsule but is showing some copper spots. Priced to sell at spot at £988+ postage. Need a quick sale with payment via BT as otherwise will scrap at HGM.
  11. I have a Royal Mint issued gold £5 coin from 2005 that appears to be very low mintage. How much should I expect to get for the coin if I wish to sell it here or on the well known auction site. I found a reference to the coin on the BBC website, from some time ago. Thanks.
  12. A few more photos, may do the NGC certification thing.
  13. Do they grade them while you wait or is it just a drop off service and they post them back to you.