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  1. £1025 Delivered. RMSD. 1 Ounce MS70 PCGS 2014 Chinese Panda
  2. Now no longer available so please close. Thanks.
  3. Pictures of actual coin 1/4 is £260 delivered The 1/4 looks like never been out of capsule.
  4. Spot is 1/3 of (£689 x 1.2) = £275.60 Uk platinum has vat on it like silver.
  5. What sort of ball park figure should I expect if I am selling on 2005 4 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set. Coins have never been out of capsules, can upload photos if that would help giving a rough idea of value. Thanks.
  6. Coin as shown in the photos, 9.3g of pure platinum. £265 Delivered. BT or PP F&F.
  7. When did they change from being a pure bullion dealer to more of a coin dealer.