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  1. I still have the set above. The coin looks good, not one of the cheap copies that have flooded ebay. The label is slightly different to the one in my set, see the photos in my listing.
  2. A nice trusty chunk of gold. Can send tomorrow AM for next day delivery.
  3. Had a very special 2005 Proof Sovereign set that came with this signed sketch.
  4. And £8 delivery saving. Same coin is £1257.71 at HGM or at least £1292 from BPB.
  5. Can do 1 of these Krugerrands for Spot including delivery.
  6. 2014 Gold US Eagle at Spot £1195 + Postage at cost £8. Coin will be sent first thing Monday for delivery Tuesday.
  7. I have 3 x 1974 One Ounce coins available in good condition. Spot + postage at cost. Currently £1188 (each) + £7 Will sell at HGM if no takers.
  8. Proof set, 1oz, .5oz, .25oz and 1/10th oz. £2250 delivered.