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  1. Eagle gone, Buffalo available at £1227 delivered. The buffalo has a small mark on Indian side near eye, as shown.
  2. Both at spot + posted. Destined for HGM late tomorrow if no takers. Coins as shown in photos.
  3. Any takers as these are now basically priced at spot + postage. A 2001 Non Coinworld Proof Krugerrand sold for $1800 when gold was alot lower. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-GOLD-SOUTH-AFRICA-KRUGERRAND-1-OZ-COIN-NGC-PROOF-69-ULTRA-CAMEO-/332823233061?hash=item4d7dcf8225%3Ag%3AThsAAOSw-FRcLXdI&nma=true&si=WeSJ56LoGC3aK0v2a%2Bo152Y45LE%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  4. First year of issue coin. One ounce of 999.5 Platinum. Photos are of the coin you will receive. £763 + postage at cost.
  5. Agreed, probably the worst time for UK holders to be selling, unless the cash is needed for something. I wish Platinum would see a bit more life in the price.
  6. ie, the 1983 coin should look like this.
  7. Are these not fakes/replicas as there is no yuan value on the coins.
  8. Gold off to the races again as soon as market reopened at 11pm. Possibly a Black Tuesday on the world markets with Dow down almost 500 point after the close.
  9. I am looking to cash in some gold and buy some beaten down divi paying stocks. Lloyds and Taylor Wimpey my list.
  10. Some going for the last three months.
  11. I was thinking of selling some gold to buy Lloyd’s shares below 50p. Diversify a little bit.
  12. What about if no deal brexit looks likely and pound approaches parity with dollar.
  13. Be interesting to see if the beeb run any articles today about £1200 being breached.
  14. I, fondly, remember the days when HGM were a pure bullion dealer and sometimes you would order 10 sovereigns and on their arrival you would find some mint proofs in the bundle. I build up some nice proof krugerrands this way although I always thought selling 1967 krugerrands at normal bullion price a bit strange.
  15. Do you think when spot increases greatly the premium on the collectable coins will shrink. If a bullion sov is say £900 will people be paying say £2700 for a 1989 proof.