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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful trilogy of outstanding videos! The best viewing in a long time. Thank you.
  2. whitesands1

    Ebay 15% off

    Hopefully with the huge increase in the Gold price predicted (LOL) the next time this offer comes along sovereigns will be £333.33! I think the time limitation on it really puts me under pressure to do a quick deal, or lose out! But that would be the best way to do it, buy your coins and then top up with all the other non pm essentials that you would buy anyway to top out the 15% discount.
  3. whitesands1

    Ebay 15% off

    I got an email from TopCashback this morning, £5.00 off Extra Cashback Exclusive Bonus. I don't know if it will work with ebay , but there was nothing in the terms and conditions to suggest otherwise. I was in a real rush at 19:40 to make this transaction work, as I noticed BBP listings were coming and going. Now that I look back I could have done with a 2012 for this price! Glad I went with BBP as this is a well established business. This is a real giveaway by ebay, I think that Silver Forum members do very well with this type of deal. Great for sellers if they have access to the £1/£3 listing deal too.
  4. whitesands1

    Ebay 15% off

    Bullion by post 2014 Sovereign mint fresh, so should be a nice looking shiny coin. £218 - seems to be the magic number, with a chance of £5.00 extra topcashback bonus and 1.04% (£2.27) = £211. I think we've all done very well as I thought about buying a 2018 bullion one from Sharps Pixley during the week for just over £230. Ebay are trying hard, so the offer is gratefully received from this long term customer. What amazes me is that more sellers don't take advantage of this offer - 15%'s a big discount and really helped all our transactions.
  5. whitesands1

    Random marketing email from the RM

    I find this a very interesting story of the 1918 Sovereign.
  6. whitesands1

    Ebay 10% off anything until 8pm

    Fantastic, well done. I looked for ages and could not find anything, I was pretty tired, mind you and the clock was fast approaching 20:00.
  7. whitesands1

    Ebay 10% off anything until 8pm

    Was this a spectacular disaster? £3.00 to sell and 10% off everything. Maybe it's just me but was this not a great opportunity for willing sellers and buyers to string deals together? I think it is very greedy for sellers to hijack the 10% offer by increasing their price. They are free to do this, of course, but it does not reflect well.
  8. whitesands1

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    Would a file be too radical?
  9. whitesands1

    Harrington and Byrne advert

    A very fair and comprehensive summary. May I say welcome @LawrenceChard I will certainly look forward to reading your future posts. I think this was a very good offer to get a newly minted 1/4 Oz. 2018 Krugerrand - with a great probability of receiving a coin in great condition, if like me that is important to you then I think this offer made sense. So I'd say one way or another there was good value here for general consumers and coin enthusiasts on the spotlight deal. Last year I received offers from them in the post, I suspect the details having being procured from somewhere else pre GDPR.
  10. whitesands1

    2018 proof britannia

    I really, really, like it. Very similar style to my favourite - 2010, but much better relief and definition. After my 2017 Sovereign experiences it takes a lot for me to even consider a RM purchase.
  11. I saw that on the news! Luckily I did not watch on TV so was oblivious! Just shows you, anything can happen. Excellent thread.
  12. Cheers for the tip! £8.00 burning a hole in my pocket! It's all about knowing when to stop - roll on 2022 - thanks, again.
  13. ….. or maybe everyone ducking for cover, not wishing to grab the nettle with either hand, or burn their fingers on the hot potato! Somethings are just to difficult to handle; a problem of their own making!
  14. Yes, Sky bet. Just had a look now £15.13 - I think you have a talent for value spotting!