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  1. T & Co will probably fix it for a price and a half. Otherwise, try you local independent jeweler.
  2. My apologies friend - I didn't see it or perhaps I missed it. Certainly not looking to steal your thunder!!!!!
  3. Hi All. Found this article on ABN Amro which is an interesting development in the gold market. does it mean that the collapse of the paper market has begun? Strange that it has come at a time when physical gold is difficult to come by in terms of the premiums being paid. Would welcome any thoughts on this. https://geotrendlines.com/abn-amro-abandons-gold-investors/
  4. Does a plastic card really last longer than cash? What about the various gold coins that get dug up from the ground after 2000 years and still it has value. I would love to see what my plastic card would be worth in 2000 years time.I can barely get mine to last 3 years without it beginning to fall apart. I agree that with plastic comes convenience and safety as well as other costs and benefits. However, you cannot deny that the govt would be tempted to use the data to snoop on people and examine their behaviour. Its an infringement of our freedom and liberty. Also, what happens if there is a computer failure and you cannot use your plastic. In an uncertain world there is a place for both and it gives the consumer the right to exercise their choice. I know which boat I'm in.
  5. Not sure that is correct @Tattoedamat. Currently gold and the equity market are both down but gold is down less than the market in % terms.
  6. @Sixgun - it's completely logical. Traders will have to cover their margins and so they sell the most liquid assets one of which is is going to be gold/silver. This then drives down prices in the short run. Just as it did in 2008. Looking forward to the next bull run!!!!
  7. BullionBuyer

    Old gold bangles

    A Jeweller may be able get them valued for you. Fees vary so please shop around.
  8. Alternatively, pick one from any one of these!!!!!!! https://www.providentmetals.com/knowledge-center/precious-metals-resources/gold-silver-quotes.html
  9. "If you don't understand gold then you don't understand money" (JP Morgan????)
  10. Wasn't it Warren Buffet who said something along the lines of: You know who's skinny dipping when the tide goes out. Just waiting for the tide to go out!!!!!!!
  11. Surely both. Agreed that supplies are getting tight at a time when demand is rising (especially amongst world govts) and also the RM model has already been replicated so many times. I guess when one mint is onboard the others will surely follow. More options for buyers though. However, it is not the same as owning physical metal.
  12. A little late to the party!!!!
  13. 1 oz Gold Britannias all day long. I would also consider a couple of numismatic coins as well.
  14. Not sure why it is such a state secret when other mints around the world release their numbers.So frustrating 😡😡😡!!!!!!
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