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  1. @NeutronJack How do you know they are the last in the series? 3 seems pretty small for a Royal Mint collection. I personally really liked the last 2 - especially the 2018 Oriental Boarder.Will be looking to get this one at some point.
  2. Ofcourse, the paper market, namely COMEX, is probably the biggest determinant of PM prices than actual physical supply and demand for gold and silver........but that's another discussion.
  3. Not necessarily. The main usage of gold is as an investment. Silver, on the other hand, is used as an investment but also has several industrial usages. Demand and supply would, therefore, reflect this. Thus, prices may not move in tandem.
  4. If you are investing to get as much gold for the lowest premium then I would go for the 1/2 oz as it has a lower premium compared to the other fractional sizes. Alternatively, continue to save and go for a 1oz which will have yet lower premium and has a real weight feel.
  5. Welcome to the forum, friend.
  6. The Germans understand real money as they have experienced hyper-inflation and it is in their Psyche. It really doesn't surprise me that as a nation they hoard gold like Indians and Chinese. What does shock me is how a nation like GB, which once used the gold sovereign as money, now has no understanding of real money and virtually no understanding of the importance of precious metals. What went wrong??? How did we end up in this state of the global economy reliant on fiat currency??? OK, rant over!!!!
  7. How can you be Chancellor of the Exchequer and not have any understanding of real money???? It's madness!!!!
  8. I really love this coin and think the one pound coin that it was on was one of the best one pound coin design. Really glad to see it on a 1oz bullion as the larger coins enhances the design that much more and the redesign has a more modern feel to it. Well done Royal Mint.
  9. Hi Mike I have purchased gold rounds from Apmex and as long as the gold is of investment grade (22kt and above I think) there are no VAT or import duties to pay. For Silver, however, you have to pay the VAT. In both cases there is some additional paperwork to fill out, These comments relate to delivery to the UK. Hope this is of some help.
  10. Great looking coin although the sunburst dial on the reverse looks very similar to the Maple design. When do they come out and is it part of another Royal Mint series or a one-off?
  11. Hi Reid and welcome to The Silver Forum.
  12. Thank you Kookaburracollector. Though I am new to this forum I have been collecting the Britannia for a little while but am now looking to diversify and improve my knowledge on other Gold coins.
  13. Sounds to me you are more of a stacker in which case you should be looking to buy at the lowest premium. This would suggest going for Strategy B - Rounds and Bars. As long as they are from a reputable mint you will not have any problems with reselling.