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  1. https://www.coinstoday.co.kr/index.php?menu=goods_detail&gp_id=19KOR_SM1z_CHIWOO
  2. Thank you for explanation. I believe if you order a few coins the shipping fee won't be so expensive compare to the coins' prices itself. But, I still thinking that i should try to get some coins from them and then may be just ask to combine) do you know about Today ltd?
  3. Hello, Everyone I need your advice on my purchase. I've been looking for good distributors where i could buy collectible coins cuz i am in collectible coins and i have just started collecting. Many reviews reffered to PowerCoin. And i was about to place an order to Power Point. However, I have just founded this Korean website named TODAY ., LTD. As you can see the difference in prices so I am thinking to place and order from them. I emailed them, furtunately there is a russian speaking officer and we could have a full conversation on orders and procedures. Hopefully, based on what he said that he's been sending stuffs to russia i placed the order on following items.