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    Groundz reacted to Keenstacker in 1/10 krugerrands   
    £106 each plus postage of your choosing. 
    3 x 1/10 krugerrands.
    1x 1985
    2x 1980
    all bullion condition, will come in capsule or coin flip. 

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    Groundz reacted to lightjaw in Looking to purchase.   
    Coin cost is going to vary due to daily spot changes. I wouldn't worry too much, just buy from a trusted dealer like atkinsons or chards for your gold. Atkinsons prices include delivery, chards don't ( I think). You won't go far wrong with either of them. Some people like Hatton garden metals too.
    Just don't over think this, if you buy from the above you can be pretty sure you are getting close to the best prices out there from a high st dealer.
    Should say the above advice is for gold. For silver it's probably cheaper to buy from European mint or silver to go. It really depends how much you are buying though as delivery costs come into play
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    Groundz reacted to Frost in Looking to purchase.   
    Considering the fact, that 1/4 gold Britannia is harder to find, I'd recommend buying sovereign. The prices fro 2019 are fairly nice, look at this price comparison
    Atkinsons has the cheapest one + free delivery
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    Groundz reacted to MickD in Looking to purchase.   
    Nothing wrong with asking, wish I'd joined the Forum before I just grabbed everything shiny in sight.
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    Groundz reacted to Wackattak924 in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Hi guys
    I am supporting Children With Cancer UK and in July I will be taking on the Peak District 100km Challenge. 
    Children With Cancer are the leading national children's cancer charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. 
    The peak District challenge is a Challenging 100km walk in the peak District and I have set myself the goal of completion within 24 hours. 
    I am hoping that the community here can help me by donating via my just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/daniel-bateman2. All donations go directly to Children With Cancer. 
    In return for your support each donation will give entry into my silver giveaway. 
    @BackyardBullion has been kind enough to be custodian of the prizes and these will be with him shortly. 
    Prizes up for grabs are
    2x 2019 Britannia 1oz
    2019 Australian Koala 1 oz
    2019 Australian Kookaburra 1 oz
    2011 Panda - kindly donated by Agpanda. 
    2014 1oz Somalian Elephant with Horse Privy - kindly donated by @KevinFlynn
     2014 1oz Britannia - also donated by
    I will announce the winners of the giveaway on march 29th. 
    Please use your silver forum name and put TSF in the comments box. 
    I thank you for your support and will keep you all updated on my progress. 😁
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    Groundz reacted to shortstack68 in Royal Mint   
    Let me consult my crystal balls, we're only 6 days into 2019
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    Groundz reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Britannia   
    About £16.50. I bought a whole batch for lower than that, but then I have contacts. 
    Realistically you shouldnt pay more than 20-25% over spot for generic Brits is my opinion unless they are older and harder to source. Especially if you buying them for just bullion. 
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    Groundz reacted to vanderPoot in New website   
    I know that there are quite a few coin websites out there already, but none of them are focusing on bullion.
    I also don't find them that easy to use, I would like to have one page per serie, so I am making one myself:
    The Silver Cardinal
    I don't know much about computers and this is my first attempt at making a site, also there is a lot of information
    that needs to go in there, but some stuff is already clickable and it gives an idea of how the website is goin to look like.
    There are no advertisements and it is simply ment as a silver coin data base, I won't write much on it, although I did make 
    one article/blog:
    Top 5 2019
    So let me know if this is something you like/are going to like
    I will appreciate that
    Happy clicking
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    Groundz reacted to Oldun in Feel so happy when i saw this youtube video   
    There is nothing wrong with not owning a house....why dont people get that ?
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    Groundz reacted to ScroogeMcDuck in Feel so happy when i saw this youtube video   
    Oh theres def nout wrong with not owning a house. Its the over inflated prices landlords charge for rent. Never able to save to get deposite or get nice things. 
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    Groundz reacted to STONE in Good purchase?   
    Yep, its an Apmex exclusive. Probably made by Golden State mint or Sunshine minting.
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    Groundz got a reaction from Coolsmp in Good purchase?   
    I've thrown in a few different angles of the Panda too