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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sort of like a savings account, but with metal!

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  1. I really want to sell them all as a lot. I'll wait and see if theres any interest, if not then I'll get back to you on it, if that's okay ?
  2. Anyone interested in these ? Looking for £80 delivered first class, reasonable offers welcome. - 1994 Royal Mint Proof Coin Collection. Comes with original paperwork in a red leather, Excellent condition, Not Silver. - 1994 Silver Proof £2 Two Pound - Piedfort - Commemorating the Tercentenary of the Bank of England. - 1994 Silver Proof £2 , comes with info insert. - 1994 Sterling Silver Proof £1.00 Capsuled, Cased With Certificate.- 1994 D Day 50p fifty pence coin in BU Pack - Great condition, Not Silver
  3. Groundz

    Ebay down?

    Still down for me atm
  4. £230 for the Brits and maple 17oz. plus postage on top. I'll post tomorrow = 13.52 per Oz
  5. Thanks, I was aware. This was sort of a double post though, theres still 17oz available, perhaps I should have advertised them separately
  6. £240 for the 17oz = £14.11 per Oz. Postage on top £255 for 7 of the QB, postage on top.
  7. £5 reduction on both. I want to send these away by tomorrow 😆
  8. I've looked at the previous prices that these have sold for on this site so I'm asking for £265 for the set of 7 with a postage on top of your choice. All the coins are in great condition. I also have for sale - 17oz - 1 incused maple leaf, 14 2019 Brits and 2 2013 Brits, all in capsules or if you prefer I can put them all into a tube. I'm asking £255 plus postage. Everything for £520 free delivery. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for £240 posted 1st class signed I prefer Bank transfer over PayPal I bought this from Atkinsons in February and I've only held it in my hands a few times, its been in the capsule otherwise. This is also my first sale on this website. Buy now and I'll post it today first thing
  10. I'll take them all, thanks
  11. Recently I've been more interested in finding older UK/ European or US coins that are .900 . I'm having a hard time locating such coins, so if anyone has anything similar for sale then please get in touch or feel free to point me in the right direction, thanks.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not in need of one anymore and I don't know how to mark this post as complete.
  13. Tomorrow I'll be looking to purchase a 1/4 gold coin to complete my target for the month. Preferably a Brittania, but I'm open to other suggestions and offers. Thanks