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  1. You and I have different goals. I'm not a collector. I plan to sell all (2 oz and 10 oz) my QB's at increased premium so I can get more 1 oz silver maple leafs. So my sell strategy needs to be based on highest premium increase rather then silver price increase, since I'll be buying the maples. What I wonder is whether premiums grow exponentially with silver price increase or only based on supply vs demand independently from silver spot price.
  2. GS.be has removed it already a while back from their site. I can still find them on US online dealer Apmex though. They are considerably cheaper than Ebay prices. https://www.apmex.com/product/155286/2018-mexico-1-oz-silver-libertad-bu
  3. Late 2018 I noticed the mintage of 1 oz BU 2018 silver Libertad being quite low compared to previous years, so I decided to get a tube. I was wondering about current premium so I started looking for an online dealer who still has these in stock, but I can't seem to find any. Therefore I turned to Ebay and they seem to be listed between $28 and $38 per coin. Has anyone sold any recently and at what price?
  4. I'm from Belgium, so I'm not confronted by it. However I don't believe in a hard Brexit scenario as from March. UK will remain in a customs union deal for at least a few months. Also, it won't be a popular one, so you might consider not pre-ordering it.
  5. Yes, goldsilver.be is also tax free. For everything I have bought (2019 1 oz silver maples, all 2 oz and 10 oz Queen's beast, 2018 1 oz silver Libertads, 1 oz silver rectangle dragon bars, 1 oz silver dragon and phoenix and tiger,...) goldsilver.be was cheaper then European Mint.
  6. Why would it not be tax free via European Mint of goldsilver.be if it's legal tender. Works the same way a the Queen's Beast for example.
  7. The Royal Mint should make 1, 2, 5 and 10 oz legal tender Britannia bars, as per Perth Mint's Rectangle Dragon bars. They would sell very well imo.
  8. There are cheaper options via dealers. For example: https://goldsilver.be/nl/10-oz/1172-10-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2017-lion-of-england.html
  9. Might help if you give an indication what you are willing to pay for it. Also, people might have the entire collection and are not willing to only let the most valuable one go alone.
  10. I tried using the search function to see whether there is already a thread about it, but couldn't find what I was looking for. What sources are you guys using to get most up to date mintage figures? Is the minting company the best source? Is there a dedicated website which covers most minting companies? As an example, I was looking for the mintage figures of the Libertads. Best source I found was actually a Wikipedia page, which is up to date till 2018 mintage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertad_(coin) However I would very much like to know what the planned mintage for 2019 is for every oz variety, but I can’t find any info. If announced of course, thought I read somewhere that the Libertad is not predetermined.
  11. UPDATE Sold: * Leopold I 1850 * Leopold II 1869 * Leopold II 1873 Remaining: OneDrive link to all the pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AogW9EiofVmDgmr8l_LJBlkazElD