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  1. So, any UK resident looking to acquire the 2 oz silver Lion of England or Griffin of Edward III before Boris closes the gates on October 31st? 😉
  2. Welcome, you have much to learn though if you call that paper you have 'real money'. 😉
  3. Dragon and Unicorn have been sold. Only Lion of England and Griffin remaining. The 2 empty additional air tite capsules are also still available for whoever buys the last 2 coins.
  4. I have 25 actually. 😉 I respect your opinion, but as you mentioned yourself, you prefer buying from dealers. I have received positive feedback from several members, who actually do buy on forum, about my approach and it helped me to sell my 10 oz QB's quickly. Some might not like my approach, but it will not stop me from doing this more in the future. I will make a short recap of my reasoning though, which I'll add in the initial post, so I don't have to keep explaining my reasoning.
  5. Point 2 was not directed at you, but your were the inspiration. I was not implying you were trying to fool me, but it was shown that not providing a link doesn't give up-to-date price information. Hence why I asked to always provide a link with a challenge. Being good or bad for me is not the point. I want to provide transparency. The guy insulted me and insinuated I would use this thread to ask a higher price from forum members. Such comments make me combative indeed. You can interpret my challenge topic anyway you like, but do not assume I didn’t do any research myself. I am smart enough to realize that the collective effort of this entire forum is better then my own and therefor providing more assurance to potential buyers. The whole point to this challenge is that I realize forum buyers are hunting for the best deals. Otherwise anyone would prefer buying from a dealer. That's the reason why I let people challenge me. Your point of view is fine. It just doesn't make you part of the target audience I'm trying to reach. I'm glad you got inspired. Your proof is of course more rare then a bullion, but the 2018 bullion is relatively more rare compared to the other recent years, then the 2018 proof version is compared to the other recent years. For 1 oz proof, 2012 and 2014 are very nice recent years.
  6. Prices adjusted to spot price drop. Reminder: 1. free shipping for anyone who buys all 4 coins. 2. I have 2 empty capsules available, which you can use for the last 2 coins of the series to be released. Those are free for first person who buys at least 2 coins.
  7. 1. You might want to read my initial post again. My pricing is set for a full tube. I clearly stated having no intention of selling individual coins. I merely mentioned the price per coin as indication to compare to price challenges. The discussion around volume discount started when someone challenged my price with a higher price stating they were ‘pretty sure’ they could get a volume discount when asked. Btw, many dealers do not offer volume discount eg goldsilver.be. In return I answered I don’t agree volume discounts are required when there is a shortage. There is a clear benefit in my offer for someone looking to acquire a full tube when dealers only have 4 or 5 coins in stock left. Let’s agree to disagree. Volume discount is the prerogative of the seller anyway and not relevant to this topic since I'm not selling individual coins. 2. If you want to insult me, then you might as well write it in full, because **** isn’t fooling anyone. I clearly asked to provide a link with every challenge, which he didn't do twice. When he eventually posted a print screen it was much higher then my price. I clearly had a point calling that challenge out. 3. Many people have liked this kind of price challenge topic. I’m not forcing anyone’s arm. Everyone is free to choose whether they want to help out. Isn’t this the whole point of a forum? To help each other out? This is a win/win for everyone involved. People learn about dealers previously unknown to them and get the benefit of collective reassurance they are buying the best possible deal. In a previous topic I decided to lower my prices on my 10 oz Queens Beasts to offer my fellow forum member the best deal possible. NOT as you state to sell slightly higher. What kind of reasoning is that? Who would even pay a slightly higher price, when I just created a topic to provide price clarity. I even posted the challenge topic in my sales topic to provide absolute transparency. You might want to research better before calling someone out for bad practice. 4. Even in this case, where I have decided not to sell, because I don’t agree with the price point of these 2 German dealers, there still is a clear benefit for our forum members. They can buy from those Germans, knowing they will get a good deal. I will not lose any sleep over someone not liking my approach. Especially from someone who hasn't even got any trader feedback, but does challenge the approach of others who do actually partake in forum trading.
  8. Let’s make a recap. I’ve seen many opinions. That’s fine, but they mostly were not supported by links to better offers, which I requested. Some were referring to a certain price point, but didn’t post the link. Later it was revealed to be out of stock on the website and a higher price on ebay £24.09. A few members did however meet the challenge and found 3 cheaper options. Weighton Coin £20.49 or €23 excl p&p (34 in stock) https://weightoncoin.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_5011_5014&products_id=5437 Muenzkauf €20.42 excl p&p (no stock indication, you can even place entire mintage 300K in basket) - Only shipping intra Germany. Thanks @daca https://www.muenzkauf.de/shop/silbermuenzen/libertad-silber/1-oz-libertad-silber-2018.html Gold Silber Muenzen €20.92 excl p&p (50 in stock) https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/modules.php?warp=artikel&id=4438 It appears the German shops are the prices to beat, however I’m not interested to sell at that price point. I will therefore not be posting a sales topic. I will keep monitoring the supply on these sites. If you’re interested in acquiring I suggest to order fast from these Germans, because supply appears to be very low. Thanks for everyone who contributed to the research.
  9. I'm asking €24, not £24. Get it while you can. 😉
  10. I don't claim 300K being low mintage. As I stated relative to the series. The scarcity I mention is the availability for purchase. Something can be produced in high volume, but when no one is selling, it is considered scarce. Prove me wrong and post links to better offers. That's the challenge I posted. So far no one has posted a link.
  11. Is it that hard to share the link? You have seen my reasoning. I agree on discount for bulk when there are plenty. I don't agree when there is scarcity. Btw, in my exchange rate calculator €24 amounts to £21.3, not £22.2 which you mentioned.
  12. Please share the link if you are challenging. I would like to see if they are EU based and whether they have multiples available. Furthermore I have also seen a dealer who is asking slightly less then my €24 per coin, but he only has 5 coins. I believe full tube offers are more scarce. For people looking to collect a full tube, my offer will be much cheaper, then buying 4 or 5 coins from multiple sources due to stacking shipping costs.