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  1. Wait a while for both silver price and premium on those coins to increase. Even a dealer like goldsilver.be will pay more then spot price on those. Unless they have plenty in stock. When competitively priced, that doesn't need to be silver spot, you will always find buyers here. There will always be other people who will realize the deal potential and have a longer term investment horizon then you. Or do want to invest the time to flip those coins for a profit on Ebay. Goldsilver.be lways provides a fast quote on mail. That will at least give you a good indication.
  2. I currently have 80% of my purchase amount in 1 oz silver BU maples. The remaining 20% is spent on buying higher premium coins. I will never do more than 20% on premium coins. My end goals is to sell those 20% for more maples and eventually sell the maples for gold bar(s) when the ratio makes sense. It takes more time, but the profits on selling those premium coins has been beneficial to my average price of my maples.
  3. Well noted. Let's see if we can find more interested members for the other 20.
  4. Shipping from Belgium One full sheet in original mint sealed packaging of 30 silver BU 1 oz China Panda 2013, € 690 (excl shipping). Exchange offers against 1 oz silver BU maples in full tubes is also possible. Eg one tube of maples + remainder value in cash. Or 2 tubes of maples and I pay remainder in cash to you or add some of my other coins. To be discussed. Selling only the full sheet, because I don't want to break the original mint sealed packaging for buyers who want to store long term. Some coins are showing tarnish, hence the lower average price per coin. Most are in good condition though. Affected by tarnish: 1 on the reverse (panda side) has a clear tarnish spot (third row from the top, first from the left) 1 on the reverse (panda side) has a tarnish spot near the rim (bottom row, first from the left) 2 on the obverse (temple side) have a small tarnish spot (second row from the top, second from the right / bottom row, second from the right) Others show some slight tarnish coloration near the rim/edge. Edges are hard to see in this packaging though.
  5. Bump for non premium members. I'm willing to consider selling to several buyers, but only when there are enough buyers for all 25 coins. Just mention below how many you want to take.
  6. 2 oz Libertad https://goldsilver.be/nl/munten/2498-mexico-2-oz-silver-libertad-2019.html 2 oz aztec calendar (round) https://goldsilver.be/nl/2-oz-/2889-2-oz-silver-aztec-calendar.html
  7. https://goldsilver.be/nl/119-nieuwe-panda
  8. I'm not from the UK, but for the countries you mentioned and a few others it's a requirement I guess to make it legal tender. However some exceptions are possible I believe, looking for example at the 'Mounted Police' coin from Canada. Not the queen, however it's another Monarch from the past King George V. https://goldsilver.be/nl/home/2842-canada-2-oz-silver-mounted-police-2020-10.html Being legal tender is a big deal in Europe, because this allows us to avoid VAT on silver. We are obliged to stick to legal tender silver coins. On bars for example, unless they are coin bars, we have to pay VAT (21% in Belgium). Saving the 21% VAT I don't mind her face on the coins. To save 21% they can even put her old bottom on the coins for all I care. 😉
  9. Shipping from Belgium One full tube of the 2018 BU 1 oz Libertad. Only selling as full tube. Price: € 550 (£465, indicative as per current exchange rate) excl shipping Shipping to most EU countries incl UK: € 13 excl tracking or €19 incl tracking. The 2018 Libertad is one of the lowest mintage (300K) years of the last 20 years for the 1 oz BU version. Only matched by 2006 (300K) and 2007 (200K).
  10. Just saw this on Twitter. He's from SD Bullion. Conveniently addressing the same topic. He is mentioning up to 50% over spot premiums.
  11. Just randomly came across the proof release on the 2019 version. Mintage 500. First silver proof version of the Korean Tiger series. https://www.lpm.hk/2019-1-oz-south-korea-tiger-999-silver-proof-medal.html
  12. But there wasn't really a shortage of gold bullion this year. Can we draw conclusions about what you noticed.
  13. StevenDS

    Group buying

    Do you have any written sources about your above statement? I would like to read into what you are referring to as EU-dispossesion-policy. EDIT: Nevermind, found it: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/markets-by-sector/precious-metals/gold/gold-becoming-part-of-money-laundering-laws/
  14. I haven't been investing in silver bullion for long. Started late 2018. Hence I have not yet followed a bull run in silver from close by. Physical bullion is only a percentage of the total silver supply. During a bull run I expect shortages in physical bullion products will increase premiums even on low premium silver products, like bars or eg 1 oz silver maples leafs. I however have no idea what sort of premium over spot increase to expect on the physical bullion product. Everything will of course be determined by supply and demand, but can anyone who did follow a bull run close by, share their experience. Example of current premium on 1 oz silver maple leaf: Silver spot €15.19 1 oz silver maple €17.29 (goldsilver.be pricing) Normal premium over spot on maples +/- 14% over spot Could the premium increase to 25% or even 30% over spot during the peak of a bull run? Any feedback from experience is welcome.
  15. StevenDS

    Group buying

    Why would it not be legal? Anything specific you are worried about? I assume you plan to order within Europe? Goldsilver.be, European Mint or a German dealer? I don't know the German law, but gold and silver should be capital gains tax free. No requirement to show purchase invoices to authorities.