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  1. Shipping from Belgium 12x Belgian 90% silver coins. Latin Monetary Union and pre-LMU as well. All coins are stored and will be shipped in air tite capsules. If you buy the lot and you don't mind the additional shipping cost (package vs envelope), they will also be shipped in an air tite tube. These are available for sale or trade. For trade I'm mostly looking for 1oz 2019 silver Canadian Maple Leafs. Other trades can be proposed, but looking for silver BU bullion coins only. Let me know your location and quantity of coins and I'll provide a shipping quote. Being based in Belgium my pricing is done in €, I mentioned the £ equivalent at current exchange rate, but this is subject to change as per the date we agree on a deal.
  2. My prices were last edited on August 7th. I've mentioned it a few posts up. So silver spot price is actually up over 2% since my last price update. I understand the request to meet up, because it involves a transaction of more than € 1K, however there are a few reasons that make it not a good idea: * I'm currently limited in time to travel, because we have a 5 day old daughter. * Too risky to deal in cash. No offense, but you are a new member without trading reputation. There is a risk of fake money. * There is also always the risk of being robbed during an in person transaction. In short, I would require a digital money transaction (Paypal of wire transfer) to make sure the money is real. If you want to avoid paying shipping cost, we could meet up after the money wire has been confirmed, but I am limited to travel (Mechelen / Malines area). FYI, shipping cost for all 10 oz coin to any address in France, would be €17. FYI, I myself also do not have a big trading history on this forum, but I did make 3 successful sales, with happy buyers. Highest value sale was €518. I can put you in contact via PM with the buyer as a reference if you like. He is very active on this forum, daily basis.
  3. Nice to see a fellow countryman also showing interest in this series. Care to share where you bought yours from? I bought mine from Aurinum (German online dealer).
  4. Tigers are such majestic and powerful animals. They could do brilliant things with this series. Running through snow, playing in water, fighting from hind legs, jumping, ...
  5. Wasn't the 2018 10 oz version released in December 2018? Still plenty of time to release it indeed. The 2019 1 oz silver version is a total different design. I imagine some might not like it, but I do. However they should have included some mirror finishes eg on the fangs, claws, eyes and whiskers. It's indeed a pity they don't have a face value. That means we pay VAT on them here in Europe.
  6. I'm also open to trade against full tubes of 2019 silver maple leafs.
  7. I recently ordered 20 medallions of the 1 oz 2018 silver Korean Tiger and 25 (1 tube) medallions of the 1 oz 2019 Korean Tiger from Aurinum.de. Must have been their last 2018's because it has now disappeared from their site. The 2019's haven't even arrived yet at Aurinum yet. Only as from August 14th. There don't appear to be much left of the 2018's from European dealers. 2018 mintage: 30.000 2019 mintage: 20.000 Paying the VAT hurts, but I'm betting collectors will pay high premiums for them if the series catches on.
  8. In Europe it's better to compare with eg a 1 oz maple leaf or Brittania. Those are cheaper then the Tigers. Because we don't pay VAT on them due to the face value. We pay VAT on bars. Cheapest option to buy silver in UK/Europe is 1 oz BU coins with face value. But all this is not really related to this thread, but rather general physical silver investing.
  9. It's higher premium. Also important to take into account, it's a medal, not a coin. Therefor in Europe we pay VAT on it. Same as for bars without face value.
  10. Just wondering who is following this series.
  11. Not going to pay these premiums, but they look amazing. https://www.mint.ca/store/coins/coin-prod3570065?lang=en_CA&rcmeid=soc_Wolf_TW_08-2019_e
  12. Friendly reminder. Silver spot price has increased A lot since time of posting. Therefor I have updated the prices.
  13. 2 oz lot €320 (£295) 10 oz lot €1.196 (£1.101) FYI, I need Euro, so Pounds will be subject to exchange rate at time of closing the deal.