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  1. Just seeing this now. I would like to add few a couple of oz's if there is still time. I will go and get a shipping list together and PM you? Thanks
  2. I like this series because it is something other than animals. Being from the UK also plays a role. I do however think that they are little over priced and will surly fall in value is does most royal mint stuff. I only buy the one of each just to have.
  3. I use a wirex card. Its a pre paid visa debit card that has a BTC wallet. I ordered the card for wirex but they are just the front and the card is issued by another comppany. I pad around $18 for the UK pounds card and it took around 7-10 days to arrive. I actived the card online and then downloaded the app. You dont need to have the app, you can do it through a desktop browser. I pay $1 a month for the card and £1.75 per ATM transaction. Everything else is free, all your online usage and chip[ and pin transactions. There are a few others but this is the one i went with, its worked out ok and i have used it around 3 times to take out around £800. Here is a review i did on steemit about it. https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@silverstackeruk/wirex-btc-vasa-debit-car-arrived-time-to-cash-out-some-btc-255
  4. Im currently at around 55% money back and did a 42 oz silver order last week using a BTC debit card with most of my interest so far. I got one of those perth mint figure 8 coins. Still being shipped so cant wait for that. @SilverStan Did you have a sponsor? i not asking for me but there is a chain group i used as mine and i have got around $180 in referrals so far.
  5. I was going to start a new thread for this i see there is one open already so not need to. I see there is alot of love for Bitconnect and for good reason. So im into bitconnect. I have deposited in $2100 (£1660) with some of my BTC money and it's going very well for me. I am 100% no advising anyone to put money into this. I dont collect referral's and dont tell my friends and family about it. I am ok with me losing money. I have been on the platform for around 50 days and have been mainly taking money out and holding it in my Exodus wallet until i get my £1660 back. I had put $100 in to test the waters and then added $2000 after 2 weeks. I went into this with open eyes and im very aware that this could be over tomorrow but i think the platform will last another 3-9 months so i hope there is enough time for me to get my money back and some extra. So far, i have reinvested only $50 but have withdrawn £630 to my exodus wallet and i have around £120 worth of BCC. After i have withdrawn my spamvestment money which should take around 50 more days. I plan to do a 50/50 split between reinvesting and withdrawing with my daily interest payment. This the end plan for me and i will continue this until the ship sink's. Getting around 1% a day is crazy and if its around in a year, i will be surprised. There are youtuber's making millions from referrals and the whole thing is crazy. It cant last but i think it will last long enough for me. To sum up, Think about it like buying a ticket that says it will pay you out some interest everyday and along the bottom of the ticket is an expiry date in invisible ink. Any money i have put onto this platform is gone in my eyes, the money has been spent and its not coming back. Even if the funds are release after loan terms finish, i will just reinvest that money and keep it going. If i ever get to that point, i will be in the land of milk and honey. I plan to buy Silver and maybe the odd sovereign with any profits from bitconnect as long as they last. I will be placing an order next Friday using my Wirex BTC debit card. Looking forward to this order as im buying pretty much all new 2018 stuff. All the new lunars, kooks, some UK stuff that has been releases the past few months that i need to buy for date runs. With BCC money, i will buy a 1 kilo Congo coin and a 2oz number 8 Perth mint coin as a treat to myself. This will be my first kilo piece and i really like the congo garilla so its a double yammy. So, its a gamble. If you wonna give it a go, do your research. Dont do your research on youtube, read blogs and the like instead. This is just my 2 penny's. Stack ON!!!
  6. jayboat

    Sarnia Silver

    I used to use them all the time, they half some stuff at decent prices. Great for small orders
  7. So i get a few different things. Firs off i bought a SOTD gold sovereign that i got for £390, yep that is not a typo Then i saw so guy selling NGC MS69's for £25 each, i bought 3 of these, i would like more but he mostly had eagles. They arrive on different days so i have have pictures of 2, the other is buried away Then lastly, i place an order at goldsilver with the left over and got a bunch of stuff. x5 libertads, x5 elephants, x5 garillas, x3 five blessings and a gold sovereign. Thanks to @Paul for starting this thread. I would never have had the Struck on the day if not for your thread. Hoping to see more
  8. I completed mine, i ended up with £1157.48. I took around £500 out a month back to buy a struck on the day sovereign from royal stacker and £100 worth of Steem crypto. I bagged up the rest during the week which was £550 and have just placed an order this morning with goldsilver for x1 2017 sovereign, x5 2017 libertads, x5 2017 congo garilla's, x5 2018 elephnats and x3 2016 5 blessing's. I will do posts when i receive my stuff. Were is everyone else??? How many people finished this, i thought there was like 20-30 in this.
  9. jayboat

    UK silver

    That would save shipping but the plane ticket's might cost more.
  10. jayboat

    UK silver

    Silver from some coutries in europe are no vat on government issued bullion with a fiat value. Everything shipped from the UK has a 20% vat to pay. I think thats what you wanted to know.
  11. Great, i'll be ready at 6pm next week to get my number reserved.
  12. I did a bad thing and took £400 out of my fund. But look what i got. Still have at a guess around £600 left plus the last few weeks to add.