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  1. utep007

    Today I Received.....

    2019 USA Apollo 11 Proof $5 Gold Coin
  2. utep007

    Today I Received.....

    1998 China 1oz Gold Panda 🐼
  3. utep007

    New to forum, Numi sent me

    @trozau Yeah I'm a Utep miner... class of 2005. I love Chinese Pandas, I like the design changing every year (except 2002) as opposed to other countries' bullion programs.
  4. utep007

    completed 1998 CHINA 1oz Gold Panda Coin

    @trozauI know its a key date, I have one in 1/20th oz size but I want it on the 1oz to complete my date set (1982-2019) of at least 1/4oz coins, and I noticed the 1/4oz and 1/2oz are usually more expensive than the 1oz. Anyways let me know if you find one, I have lost at least 3 auctions on ebay for it thanks for reaching out...
  5. utep007

    New to forum, Numi sent me

    Thank you everyone for welcoming to the forum!
  6. Collect gold panda coins (need 1998 1oz gold panda if anyone has an extra one let me know) , Mexican and American gold coins as well.
  7. Want this coin for my collection, I"ll take either graded, mint sealed or raw. Let me know if you got one to sell or trade.